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The only way to buy custom tailored menswear online

Step 1: Get Measured Online

Upload your measurements with a quick and easy body scan from any smartphone, either alone or with a friend.

The body scan gives us all the measurements we need to get started

Measurement accuracy is within 1.2cm or 1/2" of accuracy, better than most skilled tailors.

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Custom Suits Online  - Swatch Book

Step 2: Style Kit & Design Guide

Select from hundreds of in-stock fabrics and get full size swatch samples delivered to you in your personalized style kit.

Touch, feel, and even smell the fabrics live and in person.

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Custom Suits Online - Tryon Garment

Step 3: Sample Try-On Garments

One & Done

Eliminate the risk and get the reward of a perfect fit, the first time & every-time going forward.

Within 10-14 days you will receive your initial sample trial-run garments.

Sample garments are built based on your digital measurement profile and allow us to dial in the perfect fit for any body type, without the need for additional tailoring or alterations

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Step 4: Virtual Fitting & Final Consult

The final online fitting via web call ties it all together.

Your personal clothier & stylist will update your measurement profile based on the try-on and create the perfect the fit for your body type.

The final details of your order are confirmed and delivered out to you within 3 weeks.

No tailoring, no alterations, no fuss!

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I ordered a suit for my wedding because I wanted something special and unique made just for me. I was initially drawn to DVC because I noticed from their website the importance of the details along with the flashy look I wanted! I loved all the linings and fabrics Shawn had for me to choose from while still staying within my budget. The details he offered were exciting and exactly what I was looking for and more! The whole experience was excellent! Shawn was very relaxed and easy to work with, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I look forward to doing business with Shawn in the future. I would defiantly recommend him for all your custom tailoring needs! 👍👍👍

Brian Livingspace

I recently bought a tailored three piece suit and a dress shirt from Shawn (DVC) and am very happy. The suit and the shirt fit great. This is the best fitting suit I have owned. There was a little delay in the delivery due to Covid 19 but Shawn delivered the suit right to my home before the deadline. Would highly recommend Shawn (DVC). Peter G

Peter Josal
Get Measured Online