January 7, 2021

Why Your Suit Should Have High Armholes

In the 60s, the world of men’s fashion began to thrive. From slim-fit trousers and button-down shirts, businessmen looked classier than ever before.

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December 31, 2020

Finding the Ideal Suit: 3 Things Every Gentleman Should Know

Picking the ideal suit for any occasion can be challenging, especially if you want to dress up in a certain way to impress the people around you.

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December 24, 2020

The Man's Guide to Overcoats - 3 Common Questions Answered

Overcoats are truly a classic, bespoke clothing piece for men because of their versatility and aesthetic value. Many individuals like to dawn their overcoats as an extra refined layering piece to finish their modern corporate attire ready to brave the cold weather.

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December 18, 2020

Looking Your Best: Why You Should Choose Tailor-Made Menswear

If you don't believe that tailor-made menswear can transform your entire wardrobe, here are three reasons to think again.

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How To Tell The Good Shirts from The Bad

There are so many places that you can pick up a dress shirt these days but it doesn't take long to notice that the cheaper the dress shirts the quicker it ends up in the landfill. Furthermore, they feel cheap, are less comfortable, have tonnes of loose stitching, and wear out really quickly. So how do you determine if what you’re buying is actually better quality? Here are some areas that you can look at to figure it out.

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The Man's Guide To Overcoats

When it is cold outside, the only acceptable outerwear with a suit is an overcoat. But there are a lot of terms thrown around when discussing these dressier jackets. In particular – what is the difference between a topcoat, an overcoat, and a greatcoat

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3 Key Factors to Consider for Your Men's Suit - Our Guide

“Does the man make the suit, or does the suit make the man?” You may have heard of this question repeatedly when it comes to men's wear, and you may have ...

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November 25, 2020

Why You Should Start Dressing Up While Working From Home

Keep reading this article to find out some reasons you should bring back your habit of dressing up for your job, but this time it’s to work from home. 

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November 22, 2020

3 Productive Reasons to Dress Up When Working from Home

Working from home is buzzing in the industry now that the pandemic has shifted the workforce in different parts of the world. While the idea of skipping the ...

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An Easy Explanation To Pant Break

When you go to your tailor, you can ask them to let out or take in the hem of the pants. In doing so you will be able to adjust the break in your pants. Ask for no break, half break, or a full break (a term describing the shape of your ankle openings and the length of the pants). Before doing so, it is best to wear the shoes you will most likely be wearing with the pants and to take note of whether or not you will be rolling up your pants.

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40 Things That Happen To You When You Dress Well

The realization came to me. It’s because I started dressing better. The thing is, when you start dressing better, you feel better. Putting on a suit feels the same as putting on a cloak of strength and confidence. You look respectable and as a result, people give you more respect.As a tourist that’s walking around the city, who would you rather get advice from? Someone that looks clean, confident and put together, or someone that is messy and is wearing clothing that doesn’t properly fit them? The answer is rhetorical.

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Essential Dress Shoes That Every Man Needs

The saying goes that shoes make the man and that a man’s respect for himself can be shown through his shoes. Is it true? I wouldn’t say so. Some men might not be educated in the world of fashion but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have respect for himself.With that being said, shoes are still important and your choices matter even more for the dressier ones. There are many types of dress shoes out there with many different variations so how do you pick? This guide will help you with that.

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How a Great Suit Should Fit

Buying a suit is a big deal. It’s something that you’re spending big bucks on so you would think that it’s automatically going to enhance your appearance right? Wrong. When done right, the suit is something that powers the man, but when done wrong, it can have much of an opposite effect.‍

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What Makes a High Quality Suit?

Have you ever wondered what sets the price points of suits apart from each other? One big factor is how the suits’ canvas interlining is constructed. There are 3 Ways to construct the interlining of the suit. From the lowest quality to highest quality, there are fused suits, half canvas suits, and full canvas suits.

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How to Look Better With The Right Color Choices

Having the ability to pick and choose the right colors for your outfits can seem like a 6th sense. Choose the right colors and it will enhance all of your handsome features. Choose the wrong colors and you might look a bit silly. Some people are seemingly able to match up the right colors on instinct but if you’re like like most people, choosing the right colors is no easy task. The good news is that everyone can learn to do it.

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Pant Rise and Why It's So Critical To The Fit

The length and waist of your pants aren’t everything. You’re forgetting about one of the most important dimensions for a perfect fit. Its pants rise.When men go shopping, the two things that men mostly look for are the waist size and the length of the pants. There is one other thing that is continuously overlooked by countless men. What is it? Pants rise.

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Why Higher Armholes Are Crucial To Achieving A Better Fit

Most people nowadays know that off-the-rack isn’t built for you. If you’re going to invest your hard earned dollar on a name brand or quality-made suit, there is one major thing that you need to consider. Get a suit with high armholes.

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October 16, 2020

Harvey Specter's Quotes To Live By

Who would have thought that the renowned and TV’s best-dressed asshole would give an important lesson to us and he’d even serve as our de facto life coach?

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Little Details We Often Miss... What The Hell Is Lapel Gorge?

Nope, there are things that internet won’t tell you because there are details that only a bad ass connoisseur can answer. So, don’t dare open another useless tab because you’d probably waste your time looking for the right information.

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