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10 Style Accessories You Need In Your Salad. What?

Posted on September 12 2017

That’s right. You saw that correctly. I said salad. So you’ve got your outfit put together and now you need to put that cherry on top to complete your look.

I like to think about it like a salad. The vegetables in the salad make up the bulk of the look. However, you can dramatically change the flavor of the salad by adding different toppings such as seeds, nuts, meats, dressings, etc. Based on how you accessorize, you can make your outfit look completely different.



Belts should not be used for holding up your pants. Now you might be confused. What's this guy talking about. That’s preposterous. 

That’s how a young grasshopper would think. If you’re winning at life, you’ll know that its main purpose is for style. Why? It’s because your pants should already be tailored to fit you. And when you have fitted pants, they won’t fall down!

Now that that's established, there are also many of belts to choose from. There are braided belts, leather strapped belts, buckled belts, unbuckled belts, ribbon belts, striped belts, and the list goes on.



Tie, bow-tie, or no tie. You can choose between the 3. Within each of those categories is a whole list of different types as well. For example, you can have knit ties, silk ties, short ties, skinny ties and more! There are also many different types of bowties you can choose from as well.



Scarves are one of my favourite men’s accessories because they keep you warm and toasty. On top of that, you can change your look up by wrapping them around yourself in different ways. Wrap a loop around your neck and let the ends hang, drape one side over the back of one shoulder, or just let the 2 ends of the scarf hang around your neck. There’s over 6 ways you can wear a scarf.


For when you’re packin more than just a positive attitude, you can spice things up by carrying different types of bags. On more formal occasions, i’ll stick with a briefcase. If i’m carrying a lot and i’m dressed a little more casually, i’ll usually go for my weekender bag or my strap backpack.



Socks can be incredibly fun to play with. Polka dots, stripes, solids, and pizza patterned socks. They can get quite extravagant. It’s your choice. Be bold. Be brave.



Watches should not be used for telling the time. Just kidding, they’re quite useful for that aren’t they? I wonder why. The rule of thumb is to wear the appropriate watch for the appropriate occasion.

Wear your dress watches with your business outfits and your dive watches with your more casual outfits. Oh and on a side note, be careful about checking your watch too often when you’re with company. There’s implications behind that.

Pocket Square


Changing up the pocket square is as fun as changing up your socks. Play around with the texture and designs. It’s quite common to use the lining inside your suit as a pocket square too.



Whether you’re wearing sunglasses or prescription glasses, it can change your entire look. For example. One moment you can look like a sophisticated genius with your prescription glasses and all of a sudden you can look like morpheus with your shades on.

Cuff Links


Cuff links are one of those things that are subtle and sexy. From far away, most people won’t notice your cuff links. However, once you go for that handshake, they’ll be able to see it and it’ll be a nice treat on the eyes.

Head Wear

Fedoras, snap backs, beanies, driving caps and more. The world of hats is huge on its own. Similar to how glasses can drastically change how you look, hats can have the same effect.

Last Words

And there it is! You now have 10 different things that you can put into your salad. When you’re choosing your accessories, be sure to choose colours that contrast and complement each other. If you’re wearing a lot of the same colour, you can make your outfit look better by playing around with the textures of your outfit.

What are some of your go to salad toppings? Metaphorically speaking of course. Let us know by leaving a comment down below or by sharing our good shit with your friends!


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