4 Essential Layering Tips For Those Awkward In-Between Days

4 Essential Layering Tips For Those Awkward In-Between Days

John NguyenSep 24, '17


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The tides are changing. You wake up, and it looks like it’s going to be a nice sunny day. Noon hits and all of a sudden your balls are sweating. A few hours later, your balls have reverted back into your body and now your nipples are hard from the cold.

What’s going on? Is the world ending?  No. Not yet at least. We’re just experiencing one of those weird transition days.

So here’s the problem. What should you wear? Do you dress for the summer? Do you dress for the fall or winter? The best thing to do is to be versatile. You can do that by layering up your clothes. How do you do that? And what’s the best way to layer up or down? Here are 4 basic tips that will help you beat the season.

Tip 1: Each piece should work together but should also be standalone

Each layer you put on should be able to be worn on its own. Let's say you were wearing an overcoat, a buttoned shirt, and a t-shirt. If you took off the overcoat, you would still have a complete outfit with your buttoned shirt. If you took off the buttoned shirt, you would still be wearing a t-shirt which also works as an outfit on its own (assuming you have pants on).

Tip 2: Layer Thin To Thick

Here’s an outfit idea. Wear a thick wool sweater underneath a thin and tight cardigan. What do you look like? You look like the Michelin Man with all of that fabric pushing through your cardigan. That’s not what you want to look like. Make sure you layer starting with the thinnest pieces to the thickest and biggest pieces.

Tip 3: Vary The Texture & Pattern

Imagine you’re wearing a plaid shirt with a plaid jacket. What do you think you look like? You look like a walking picnic blanket! Do you want to look like one? No. For that same reason, you want to vary the texture of the different pieces in your outfit.


Tip 4: Keep the colors in mind

Color explorer is a great tool to figure out what colors match. When choosing pieces to layer up, try to choose colors that are either analogous or complementary to each other.


Last Words

When you’re layering up, think both about the functionality of your pieces and about how the outfit looks as a whole. Keep in mind that these guidelines are not meant to be concrete. Fashion itself isn’t meant to be so rigid. It’s organic. It’s about developing your own style and about being creative.

This guide may not prevent your balls from sweating or your nipples from getting hard in the cold. Regardless, it is meant to make you look good while it’s all happening.

What's your go-to outfit for this transitional season? Let us know by leaving a comment down below or by sharing our good shit with your friends!

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