5 Little Adjustments That Can Drastically Improve Your Look

5 Little Adjustments That Can Drastically Improve Your Look

John NguyenFeb 9, '17

Refining the littlest details can make a big difference on your look. Even when your outfit is on point, some people may notice little flaws about your outfit. These are the little details that are often overlooked but when you fix and straighten them up, it really completes the package. That being said, here are some tips that can help you finish off your look.

1) Wear pocket squares

Sharp dressers wear pocket squares. They are subtle and stylish ways to add a little bit of personality to your outfit. While not many people today wear pocket squares, they are excellent ways to make your outfit bolder without going too crazy. It’s like adding a little cherry on top of your outfit!

2) Use collar stays

No one likes a floppy or wrinkled collar. No matter how neat your outfit looks, if a part of it is messy, it’s noticeable. Collar stays can help you keep your collar looking prominent and fresh.


3) Lace your shoes neatly

One of my favorite ways to lace my shoes is with a technique called straight bar lacing. While there are many different ways to lace your dress shoes, this method is the cleanest and simplest looking. It helps to make the bow at the top of your shoe smaller as well.

4) Know how to tie more than one knot

By knowing different knots you can vary the sizes, shapes you can make with your tie. By being able to control the proportions of your tie, you can become more skillful at designing your outfits. One of the simplest knots is the oriental knot. The largest knot you can tie is the Balthus knot or if you want to go with a narrow knot, you can tie a Four-In-Hand knot.

5) Keep your shirt tucked properly

Don’t you just hate it when your shirt comes untucked? One common way to keep your shirt tucked in is to use a method called the Military Tuck in which you would fold down the sides of your shirt into your pants. There are also other things you can buy to keep your shirt tucked in such as dress shirt stays that attach your shirt to your socks. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Having a neat shirt is probably one of the most noticeable details of your outfit.


There you have it! By keeping these 5 tips in mind, you will become a mastermind of your own wardrobe in no time!

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