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5 Simple Rules To The Capsule Wardrobe

Posted on August 04 2017

Have you been inspired to build a capsule wardrobe? Do you want to walk into to your closet and be able to pick out a few things that all match each other? This is assuming you didn’t pull out 2 pairs of pants and some socks. If the answer is hell yeah then this is a good place to start. This guide will give you the framework you need to build your first capsule wardrobe.

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1) Embrace Interchangeability.

At the beginning, it may seem like a lot of work to continuously consider whether one piece will match with all your other pieces but after some practice you’ll start to know what to look for and it will become second nature.

2) Have a clear idea of your style.

Everyone will have a slightly different capsule wardrobe. Someone who is 50 years old dresses differently than someone who is in their 20’s. Maybe you like to dress in street wear on the weekends but on the weekdays, you dress in smart casual clothing. Having a clear idea of your personal style will help you pick your pieces quicker. If you don’t know what your style is, choose someone who you would like to dress like, and use them as a reference.

3) Set a goal.

Set the number of clothing articles you want to have in your capsule wardrobe. Specialty items such as underwear, sports clothing, and accessories don’t count.

According to Antonio from RealMenRealStyle, if you pick the right 14 pieces, you can make over 120 different outfits. If you ask me, that’s damn impressive. However, this is a guide for beginners so a good number to start with is a closet composed of 30-40 items. Ideally, these items should be good enough to help you through the entire season.

4) Plan seasonally.

You wouldn’t wear shorts outside during the winter unless you’re cold resistant like a buff and hairy Canadian lumberjack. Similarly, you wouldn’t wear a north face bomber jacket in the summer (RIGHT?). Different seasons call for different clothing so when you’re planning your capsule wardrobe, I would advise you to plan it seasonally. If you want to take the extreme approach to minimalism, you can pull a Homer Simpson or Mark Zuckerberg and wear the same jeans and shirt all year round. Now that, would be impressive.

5) Have fun with it.

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I like to think about it like solving a hard ass puzzle. It’s a game of minimalism. Keep in mind that not every single piece will match each other. Maybe you have a hoodie that you really want to have in your wardrobe and it only matches with one thing. It’s okay to have items like that. It’s your wardrobe and most importantly, your own personal style.

Last Words

And there you have it! Remember that capsule wardrobes aren’t a new concept. You’ve already done it before and if you don’t believe me, think about how you chose the clothes you brought on your last vacation. You couldn’t bring your whole closet so you had to bring a small set of items that brought you the most use. It’s the same thing, but instead of planning for a small vacation, you’re planning for an entire season.

What are some items that you think will be essential to your wardrobe this fall? I know chinos and thick cardigans will be a part of my capsule. Let us know by leaving a comment down below or by sharing our good shit with your friends.


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