6 Essential Shoes to Wear in the Summer

6 Essential Shoes to Wear in the Summer

John NguyenApr 20, '171 comment

Summer is approaching and you've got barbecues to go to, weddings to attend, fireworks to see, and people to impress. While all of that is happening, you need shoes that will help you beat the heat and get you through every occasion. Here is a list of 6 shoes that will keep you looking fresh and dapper in the summer sun.


Loafers are a cool classic for the summer. They have no laces, are minimalistic, and are incredibly versatile. They can be paired up with your sophisticated business attire or your fun and casual outfits. They can be worn with or without socks, your choice.

Boat Shoes

These are easy to slip on and off. You would wear this without socks. These were originally designed as practical footwear for sailing but now they’re popular spring/summer footwear. Their soles are made of rubber, they repel water, and can’t be stained. These are great for going to the park, beach, or pier.

Driving Mocs

Driving Mocs are meant to be worn casually. Wear them without socks. They were originally invented for men who wanted extra grip for driving their Italian sports cars but now they’re available for those of us who may not live such extravagant lives. They are great for going out on casual dates or out with your friends. Warning, don’t wear driving Mocs with your business suits since they are too casual for that type of look.

White Bucks or Suede Bucks

These bucks are great for the dressier events that you will have in the summer. They can easily replace the brogues or oxfords that you have for the fall. These are classic shoes that are part of the preppy Ivy league look. They are one of the most versatile shoes you can own. Pair them with your jeans for a casual hangout on the weekend, or dress them up with some chinos for your beach weddings.

Casual Canvas Shoes

These shoes are nice and casual. They are the closest things to runners that remain fashionable. Canvas shoes are more durable than the other shoes on this list so you’ll be able to do more in them. Wear these for your casual outings to the club or the bar. In terms of your color choices, royal blue, simple dark grey, and white are colors that are the easiest to pair with.


These are male flats. They are super chill, comfy, and flexible. The distinguishing characteristic about them is that their soles are made of jute rope. It's a quick slip shoe that you don't have to wear socks with. They are so casual that you can call them outdoor slippers. Don’t get them wet though, they’re not comfortable when they’re wet. Wear these on your most casual outings such as going to the grocery store, heading to the beach, or going to your friend’s barbecues.


Every stylish man knows how essential these shoes are. With these new assets, you'll be able walk through the summer season looking great and full of confidence. What are your favorite shoes and what kind of outfits do you pair them with? Leave a comment down below or let your friends know by sharing this article with them.

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I can now look fashionable this summer! Thanks DV Clothiers!!!

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