6 Tips to Help Your Clothing Last Longer

6 Tips to Help Your Clothing Last Longer

John NguyenFeb 22, '17

Everything has a shelf life and eventually will wear down, quality made clothing will last a hell of a lot longer than your Costco Kirkland Signature $25 shirts but to stay looking fresh, we have to take care of all of our clothing. To help you with this, here are some tips that you might not have thought of to extend the longevity of your clothing.

1. Invest in shoe trees


What are shoe trees and why do we use them? Do you remember the last time you bought your shoes? Sometimes, you will see paper, cardboard, or even plastic inside a shoe. Shoe trees are designed for the same purpose. They’re used to retain the shape of your oxfords, derbies, and brogues.

Shoe trees are best used within 1-2 hours of taking them off your feet or out of the wash. They also wick away moisture and odors from your shoes to prevent your feet and shoes from stinking! You don’t need to invest in a pair of shoe trees for every pair of shoes that you have. Just make sure to rotate your shoe trees from shoe to shoe every week or so.

2. Remove fabric pilings


You know the little rough pieces of fabric that accumulate on some of your clothing? That’s called pilling. There are cashmere combs and electric fabric shavers that are designed to get rid of the pilings on your clothes. Using them will keep your clothing looking clean and smooth. It’s equivalent to getting a clean shave!

3. Apply fabric protectors to your clothing

Some fabric protectors such as Liquiproof can be sprayed onto your clothing. When you spray a fabric protector onto your shirt, you are giving it a non-noticeable protective layer that will repel any spills that you might get onto it. It is then easily washed out in the dryer.

4. Steam your clothes


Steaming is a gentler way to keep your clothing wrinkle-free since it doesn’t use as much heat or pressure as an iron does. Over time, ironing can wear out your shirt fabrics which can leave your suit with “suit sheen”. You don't want your suit to have that.

5. Wipe and polish your jewelry


Keeping your jewelry clean is often neglected. Every so often, you can give your jewelry a rubbing with a microfiber cloth to rid its metals of any oils, lotions, and skin build-up that has accumulated on them. If you want to go the extra mile, there are even some home remedy recipes all over the internet that you can dunk your jewelry into for a good polishing.

6. Shine your shoes



Leather is a natural material that can easily wear down over time. To preserve it’s natural beauty it’s a good idea to keep your shoes well maintained. There are many good shoe shining kits that you can use to extend the longevity of your shoe. What you mainly need are some brushes, shoe polish, and a soft cloth to restore your shoes. 

Last Remarks

With proper care, your clothing will last you for many years to come. If you stay diligent, not only will it be easier on your pockets, but wearing your clothing will feel that much better because of the effort you put into keeping it fresh.

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