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7 Travel Hacks For A Gentleman During The Spring & Summer Season

Posted on May 11 2017

Spring is here and summer is approaching which means more and more people are going to be traveling! Being a certified gentleman means that dressing well is part of your lifestyle. Luckily for you, it’s not difficult to look good and feel good at the airport. When it comes to traveling, the name of the game is comfort, preparation, and minimalism.

So what do you wear?

1. Light Unstructured Blazer or Shawl Cardigan

Will you be arriving at the airport in the middle of the night? Do you get cold from the A/C easily? Regardless, you want to be prepared for potentially being cold. A light and unstructured blazer is perfect for your travel wardrobe. Because it’s unstructured, you can easily pack it into your bag without worrying too much about wrinkling it.


2. White T, Henley, or Light Cotton Button Shirt

These are simple and comfortable. If you’re wearing a button shirt, opt for something that is 100% cotton. A 100% cotton shirt is breathable, soft, flexible, and doesn’t wrinkle easily. It’s also easy to dress up a white t-shirt or henley by putting your cardigan or blazer on top of it if you need to.


3. Stretchy Chinos or Trousers

You’ll be sitting for hours so you definitely want to wear something comfortable. The last thing you want are pants that are restrictive and tight for those long rides. You’ll get antsy and claustrophobic. Trust me.


4. If A Suit is Required

Again, comfort is key! If you've got meetings right after you arrive at your destination and you need to rock a suit, opt for a stretch fabric with a spandex blend or a lightweight wool that will keep you from potentially overheating. 


5. Loafers or Slip-Ons

Loafers are a traveling man’s best friend. They slip on and off quickly and easily. They are comfortable and will get you through airport security in no time. These are shoes that you won’t mind sitting in for long hours. Even if you do get tired of wearing them, you can slip them right off! Just make sure whoever you’re sitting with doesn’t mind.


6. Dark Shades

Do you dislike wearing sleeping masks? Do you want to be able to look out at the sunrise outside your window without hurting your eyes? Or perhaps you want to look cool while you’re closing your eyes. Shades will do the trick.


7. Holdall Bag

The holdall bag is a stylish carry on that will complete your travel look. It fits a large number of items, is fashionable, and is the perfect carry on size.


Style Examples


Last Words

The most important thing is comfort. Whatever piece you choose, get something that you are sure to feel comfortable in. Don't wear anything new for the first time since it will likely be stiffer than you would like it to be. 

So how do you usually dress for traveling? Do you have any travel tips you would like to share? Leave a comment down below or share this with your friends!



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