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A Simple Way to Fold Your Shirts for Travelling

Posted on June 10 2017


So you’re about to travel and you need to pack some nice shirts. There are two problems you’re faced with. You need to pack your suitcase in a way that saves space, and you don’t want your shirts to wrinkle. Here is a shirt folding technique that can help!

1)     Lay your shirt flat on its chest with it’s arms spread out and button up the top middle and bottom buttons.

2)     Take one sleeve and fold it diagonally towards the armpit of the other arm. Keep a straight line at the tip of the shoulders.

3)     Fold the sleeve upwards so that the edge of the cuff lines up with the edge at the top of the collar.

4)     Repeat steps 2 and 3 but with the other arm.

5)     Once both cuffs are at the collar, fold one side of the shirt  about 1/3rd of the way horizontally inwards.

6)     Fold the other side 1/3rd of the way horizontally inwards.

7)     Fold the bottom of the shirt 1/3rd of the way up.

8)     Fold the bottom of the shirt to the top. Flip it over, and you’re done!

When shirts are crammed into small spaces, it is inevitable to have wrinkles. However, this folding technique will save you time and effort to straighten it back out. Plus, if you’re like me, there is a certain satisfaction that you get when you see how neat it looks in your suitcase.

How do you usually pack your bags? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. Got a friend that’s travelling? You can help them out by sharing this blog with them.



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