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Environment Impacts of Fast Fashion

Posted on November 02 2017

You support your company as it promotes a paper-less environment and you do all the best things you can to save our mother earth – you pay a lot of attention on your water and electricity consumption, you walk or ride a bike to your work, you use solar panels at home, and you even volunteer during clean-up drive events in your local community. But guess what, if you’re into fast fashion, you still contribute in destroying the planet. Well, congratulations to that!

Although it’s difficult to quit something you’re used to before, one of the best things you can do is to replace that hobby with something else. It’s easy to say that you can simply look for a substitute such as helping children in orphanages or going to the gym or doing a freelance job.

But let’s all admit and not fool each other here, the only real substitute for shopping is none other than SHOPPING.

You might find several tips on the internet on how you can avoid fast fashion but we’d like to give you advices on how you can help not just yourself but also this planet. Again, you’re not the only one living on earth so might as well read the tips below:


Feeling “out of trend” after a few weeks will not get you anywhere. Fast fashion’s goal is for consumers to purchase goods as many as possible and as quickly as possible, with a very much lower rate as any other competitors.

But if know how to create your style without buying anything, you can still slay the day and be a true bad-ass without having to spend. You can save up for better quality items which you can use for multiple uses.


You might ready your credit card because you saw that BIG BIG SALE signage in a nearby mall. Don’t fall into that. Those designer label times with a fraction of the price is a TRAP. As much as possible, avoid hoarding clothes just because they are cheap!


You can explore alternative options like customized clothes from vendors that will give you more reasonable price than you think. There are several integrated in-person and online shoppers out there that can surely provide you quality made custom clothing for your everyday need. Hell yeah, who doesn’t want to be authentic anyway?


Always remember the fact that quality is NOT cheap. Clothing is worth investing especially if you know that there are several individuals and shops that can help you with whatever occasion.

DV has created designs and built quality capabilities like no other in the made to measure industry. It is continuously improving its collections to give quality made clothing for customers.

Here’s a question. Would you continue being a burden in this planet or you want to contribute something to make this world a better place to live in? Comment your answer down below or share our good shit with your friends!


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