Getting The Most Out Of The "Good Sh*t"

Getting The Most Out Of The "Good Sh*t"

Jared EnriquezNov 11, '17

There's an old adage .. Cheap goods are shit and good shit doesn't come cheap! 

You can, however, find reasonably priced quality items and getting the most out of the good sh*t should be your top priority

Learn 4 simple basics below. 

Getting The Most Out Of Your Suit

Choose the perfect suit!

Well, you won’t definitely wear a checkered suit for a wedding right (unless you wanna look like a walking table on this special occasion)?

Picking a notch lapel navy and charcoal grey is the best way to go because it will surely complement almost every body type and can be worn for any important occasion.

Choose something that will serve as a “star for all season” – something that warms you during winter season but lightweight enough to bring some air during summer. Remember, if you’re in the office or in and out of different offices all day, temperatures can vary drastically, your best bet is to layer appropriately. Nothing is worse than sweating your balls off.

Switch Up Your Shirt Details

Everybody would definitely agree that white shirt is the perfect partner for all suits but admit it or not, you’ll get bored real quick and your colleagues will begin to think you wear the same thing every freaking day. You can never have enough white or solid shirts but the beauty of custom you have has the ability to accentuate the little details like contrasting collars, cuffs, stitching to make every one slightly unique.

Best way to go with it is to switch with a sky blue or pink shirt if your suit’s navy; or a light shade of blue, pink, or grey if it’s charcoal.

Opting for different style of collar brings wonders as well. Instead of sticking with a classic spread or point collar, try a less frequently rolled-out granddad or mandarin collar shirt.

Speaking of texture, if you want some soft and comfortable clothing, you may opt to choose between Oxford and Poplin Fabric to feel light. But if you prefer to use a more formal one especially for black or white tie, formal shirt fabric is the best way to go. Cotton shirt fabrics will also work but don’t forget that it wrinkles easily and can be very expensive.

Little Things Do Matter

Getting The Most Out Of Your Suit

Always remember that even the little things matter. Even if you try to ignore the fact that ties and pocket squares are just small parts of your #OOTD, it can still serve as the fire of the bomb. For example, a white shirt and ivory accessories in a navy suit can help you be wedding-ready. But switching ivory for a light blue can surely grab the attention in an important board room meeting.

A New Spin To Every Season

The perfect way to be summer-ready is not just simply answering whether those sunglasses suit your face or how bad are your sweat patches but it also about going sockless and getting those mankles out! It will not just prevent your legs from heat stroke but will also create a new spin to your outfit.

Suits will also work well when the leaves start falling as long as you follow the top trends to be smart and stylish. Mixing shades and patterns to get the maximum impact is also the key during the season but if you find yourself shivering while wearing that suit, then it means that the weight of the fabric it’s made of is too low. Invest on something that will give you warmth while feeling classy.


You might find several tips on how you can get the most out of your suit but always keep in mind that developing your own style and about being creative is always the key to express and impress.

So, if you have one suit that you use every day, you can either follow the tips that we told you or you can contact us so we can help you bring a magic in your wardrobe. Still feeling hopeless? Well, nothing will happen if you won’t make a move so might as well let us know by leaving a comment down below or sharing our good shit your friends!

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