Higher-End Clothing Gives You Higher Performance.

Higher-End Clothing Gives You Higher Performance.

John NguyenDec 7, '16

Spending that extra $300 to get the new and improved-better performing Nike golf clubs doesn’t just get you a better golf club anymore.  Drinking that can of RedBull before you enter a race doesn’t just make you more awake anymore. Spending that extra cash on a higher end suit doesn’t just get you a more comfortable suit.

It turns out that those Nike golf clubs can improve your golf skills. That can of Red Bull can make you into a more extreme and daring person. That higher end suit can give you a confidence boost that radiates from your body like Robert Downey Jr. You don’t believe me? Don’t worry, it’s backed by science!

In a study done by Frank Germann from the Department of Marketing in the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, they have proven that a person’s image and perception of a brand can affect a person’s attitude when they use it.

The great twist to this is that the golf clubs don’t actually need to be better to improve your performance. In Germann’s study, participants were tasked to play some golf. Some were given no information about the brand of the putter while others were told they were using Nike putters. They all used the same putters but those who believed they were using putters from Nike performed better than those who didn’t. The placebo affect was proven again when participants were tasked to wear performance enhancing earplugs for a math test.

It is all about your mindset. You can change your attitude and performance by just changing the way you think about your clothing. Now don’t be mistaken about this all being about brands either. If what you are wearing doesn’t fit or doesn’t feel good on you, then you won’t have a positive vibe from wearing it. When you wear something that is made for YOU with the mindset that it is supposed to make YOU better, then you will reap more benefits of wearing higher-end clothing.

“Some people have a power suit that they put on for important presentations, or they have some special cufflink that they put on to bring them luck” said Germann. So, the next time you are looking for that new watch, belt, or suit, know that your perception of it and how it feels will affect your attitude. Look good, feel good. If you are in to win it, dress to win it. You are the master of your mind and the pilot of your life. Be who you want to be.

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