Highlights Of The Week

Highlights Of The Week

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We have given several tips to our audience this week and if you missed some of them due to busy work schedule or you went out of town, well, you just missed half of your life! Just kidding, worry no more as we have compiled our shits together for your reference so you won’t have another excuse.

In the past week, we discussed some important topics that will help you to get the most out of your suit, to make your wardrobe last, and to create your own sense of style during your 30s.

Ready? Let’s get our shits together!


Maximize Your Suit Options

Having a problem with your limited number of suits and you want to maximize their usage so you won’t look boring all the time at work? Well, we understand that most of us don’t have a stylist so we really have to do more with less options.

Choosing the perfect suit is just like choosing the perfect insurance for yourself: an expensive and time-consuming decision to make but it will surely pay off in the future! So, choosing the perfect suit is an important factor for you to stand out among others. Choose something that will serve as a “star for all season” – something that warms you during winter season but lightweight enough to bring some air during summer. Remember, if you’re in the office or in and out of different offices all day, temperatures can drastically change and your best bet is to layer appropriately. You don’t want to sweat your balls off, do you?

When attending a wedding event, never ever wear a checkered suit so people won’t compliment that you definitely belong to the nice table setting. Try to pick a notch lapel and charcoal grey because this is the best option for you to have as this complements every body type and can be worn for any important occasion.

You can also switch up your shirt details to bring out something new with your everyday #OOTD. Everybody would surely agree that white shirt definitely is the perfect partner for all suits as it complements almost any color. Try to experiment on the beauty of custom so you can accentuate the little details like contrasting collars, cuffs, and stitching to make every one slightly unique.

One option that you can have is also to switch with a sky blue or pink shirt if your suit’s navy; or a light shade of blue, pink, or grey if it’s charcoal.

Opting for different style of collar brings wonders as well. Instead of sticking with a classic spread or point collar, try a less frequently rolled-out granddad or mandarin collar shirt.

Speaking of texture, if you want some soft and comfortable clothing, you may opt to choose between Oxford and Poplin Fabric to feel light. But if you prefer to use a more formal one especially for black or white tie, formal shirt fabric is the best way to go. Cotton shirt fabrics will also work but don’t forget that it wrinkles easily and can be very expensive.

Of course, don’t forget as well that ties and pocket squares can still fire the bomb. Wearing a white shirt and ivory accessories in a navy suit would make you occasion-ready, but switching ivory for a light blue would make you stand out in an important board room meeting.

Aside from these tips, you can also try to create a new spin to every season! Well, wearing suit during the summer season might sound funny but who says you can’t slay it? Try to go sockless and get those mankles out to look summer-ready. That will not just complement your summer style but it will also prevent your legs from heat stroke.

For winter, following the top trends will surely help you go along the way but when the leaves start falling, make sure that you’re also ready to be smart and stylish. Mixing shades and patterns to get the maximum impact is also the key during the season but if you find yourself shivering while wearing that suit, then it means that the weight of the fabric it’s made of is too low. Invest on something that will give you warmth while feeling classy.


How to dress in your 30s

For some, being a grown-ass man doesn’t mean that you’ve already found the perfect style, preferred combinations, and turn offs. Of course, there are still late bloomers out there who are still trying to figure out what style suits them. Well, this is not the time to reminisce and miss the good ‘ol days of psychedelic party outfit or that oversized jeans that everyone seemed to enjoy. Here, we’d like to grow up stylishly without counting your life’s numbers.

We’re very sure that the well-known Yves Saint Laurel’s quote “Fashion fades, style is eternal” has struck you one way or another in your lifetime, right? Well, the brand is correct. At this age, you should already establish yourself in terms of choosing your preferred look.  Do not get easily sold to current trends based on what you see in TV and social media and stick to the staples with a proven track record. We’re freaking firm that nobody wants to end up being “in” today and “out” tomorrow.

Quantity is good but quality is better. It’s fine to save for something that will last longer and you can use in the future instead of just cheap clothes that might not be usable in the next few months, or worst, days. Remember that “cheap goods are shit and good shit doesn’t come cheap.” If you take good care of your items, quality made ones will definitely last the thick of time.

Expand on your favorites as you upgrade your wardrobe. Start building on that signature style and look for variations that will fit your taste. “Branding” yourself when you reach that certain age will be of great help, trust me.

Cutting out those certain cuts will make you mature than before. Embrace it and learn to love relaxed-tapered jeans, wider lapels, and tailored jackets that actually cover your behind. Not only do they make you look like a grown up, but you won’t grow out of them either.

These tips won’t be useful unless you also do something about your diet. Have a moderation on the food you take. Cutting on fats and sugar would help a lot when you fit those clothes in. When you find time, hit the gym as much as possible. Lift long and prosper.

Formalize your casualwear and casualize your formalwear. Let your fits and fabrics speak for yourself. Be the low-key from afar and prestige when looked closely. Everything will make sense when you hit your 30s so you should know how to blur the lines between your casual and formal wear as more and more events during this phase of your life will be formal. You’ll definitely encounter a lot of board meetings, client presentations, and weddings rather than Friday night outs. Believe, you’ll have nothing to lose and much more to gain.

At this point in time, you should already have some essential pieces in your wardrobe:

Unstructured Blazer- its less rigid or padded than the suit jackets you’ve been used to, cut slightly shorter and made from a nubbier, mattified fabric that will hold up better alongside jeans and chinos. Just throw in a shirt and it looks smart casual!

Tailored Overcoat- if you need to present yourself as respectable, this is your buddy. It looks great on daily work or social gatherings.

Smart-Casual Trousers- Better alternative to jeans and sweatpants as smart-casual wear are chinos, corduroys and tailored trousers.

Non-Training Shoes- Choose quality leather shoes, boots, Brogues, Derbies and loafers over black shoes and Nike.

Timeless Watch- certainly not an Apple watch, a proper watch. A classy watch will surely boost your high profile look. The men’s jewelry, they say.

Still don’t have any ideas where to start? Open your browser, go to Google, and search for the style of these icons and see how they are doing: David Gandy, Eddie Redmayne, Roger Federer, Ryan Gosling, and John Legend!


Tips to Help Your Wardrobe Last

Don’t be one of those people who are just shitting around and adding up to the “disposable society” epidemic. It won’t bring you anywhere. Just in case you were absent when your teacher taught about the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, clothes are also essentials just like our food, shelter, education, and healthcare.

Apart from being a vital part of our day to day lives, the pieces you choose to wear from head to toe will affect the way you do your everyday routine so, of course, investing on the right pieces that will not only make you feel good about yourself but also make it easy for you to move around as you work and play seems like it’s the most obvious thing to do.

Just like any other investment, putting a little extra time and effort to maintain your wardrobe would surely pay off in the future especially when every piece is given equal important attention. Your wardrobe has its needs too and every clothing in your collection is just as important as the next one.

But how do you do it?

Well, just simply don’t forget the holy trinity of cleaning clothing: water, brush, and a good ol’ clotton cloth.

We understand that it’s inevitable that your clothes will get soiled due to your everyday activities in different many places. But there’s no need for you to dry clean right away every time you stain them. Drycleaners can use very damaging chemicals and even the “green” cleaners can wreck havoc. So why spend money on having it cleaned by others when you can do the cleaning yourself at home? Surely you have those three things mentioned above somewhere in your house and you have a complete control on how to clean it.

For stains, you don’t have to wash the whole suit or coat just to get it out. Simply get a damp cotton cloth and blot the stain with it so it can absorb as much stain as possible. Do not rub the damp cloth on the stain because too much friction applied to the fabric can and will deteriorate its quality. Rinse the cotton cloth from time to time and do the procedure until the stain is removed. The best part is, this works on almost all fabric types so it doesn’t matter whether what you wore was made of wool, suede, or fur because the water and cotton cloth will still work its wonders.

Remember, dry cleaning would expose your clothing to great risks and make it more vulnerable to harsh chemicals. Anything which has too much chemical is not good for your clothes as it will eventually take a toll on the fabric if done regularly. You might think that taking your garments to the dry cleaner will give them a longer lifespan, but that’ll do the opposite. Sure, you may go there every once in a while but only do so if there’s already a build-up of visible dirt or noticeable odor. Just like drinking, do this thing in moderation.

Prevention is, indeed, better than cure, not just in terms of a person’s health, but with wardrobe pieces as well. It’s true; maintaining your wardrobe and thoroughly making sure every piece is looked after can be a tedious process that will consume a great deal of your time, but every investment requires a different level of extra to guarantee that you get your money’s worth. After all, you’ve already spent your hard earned $$ on your items so it’s only reasonable that just like any investment you want to nurture it, protect it, make it last, and get the most out of it.


Don’t miss out our latest updates as we bring you the highlights of the week, this time, on a regular basis. Tell us if you want to learn about a specific topic and we’ll do our best to write it for you. Let us know by leaving a comment down below or sharing our good shit with your friends!

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