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How Colors Influence People

Posted on October 28 2017

You don’t need to be a graphic artist, stylist, or fashion consultant to know that colors can greatly affect people’s feelings, thoughts, behavior, and impressions. Well, most of the psychologists nowadays would probably agree that picking the right color is the same as choosing the right audience. Even in the aspect of marketing, the psychology of color can serve as anecdotal evidence to persuade consumers to buy their products and patronize their brands - unless, of course, they are color blind.


Still wondering why high-profile clients hire and pay huge amount of dollars to their professional stylists and image consultants to dress them up everyday? Definitely, it’s all about influence! So if you’re looking for greener pastures and you want to earn big, I suggest that you should start thinking about career shift now because there’s so much money in color than your current employer’s dull and boring life.


Want to know more about how colors can be your knight in shining armor? See below!




Many experts believe that Blue is the perfect color if you want to impress your interviewer and land that dream job. As many people believe, the color blue is said to evoke trust and can help to sway people’s decisions to their favor. Just like in court, most lawyers would recommend their clients to wear blue so the judges or jury would believe them. Yes, lawyers will not just defend your ass in court but also dress you up as if you’re not guilty of the crime.



If you’re ready to grab that promotion that you’ve been wanting for so long, Grey is the perfect pick to give you an edge over your officemates. Grey serves as a manifestation that you’re unbiased and you keep your cool because office politics and drama don’t affect you personally. Hello! Show them the dark horse in you!


Red always stands out among others! Color red will drive people’s attention to you especially during important executive meetings or sales pitch. So if you want others to think that you’re smart, sophisticated, and confident, you’ll never go wrong with this color. But of course, don’t forget to study and practice your talk before you head in the meeting!



Many people look into this color as pure and refine. It’s one of the reasons why nurses and doctors wear white to show that they are disciplined, efficient, and systematic. Color white is versatile and you can definitely mix it with other colors. Indeed, it’s perfect for any occasion!


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Black is associated with elegance, formality, strength, and authority. It has several different connotations, both in positive and negative aspects. Just like color white, it also blends in very easily with other colors. If you want to conceal the magic of your personality behind a mystery, black is the right choice!



Aside from being associated with the environment, color green also symbolizes calm, growth, and renewal. Just like color white and blue, it also helps people to stay focused and serene most of the time. So if you want to uplift a colleague or a client who’s been feeling down because of several shots of fate, wear color green and help them to realize that something good is coming into life – well, probably.

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Last words

Although these colors can help you in different situations you might get into, finding the perfect color match is not a walk in the park. Color explorer is one great way to mix and match analogous and complementary colors.


When you find the perfect color of the day, keep in mind that it’s not enough unless you become creative and have your own style to help you go along the way no matter what the situation is.


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