How to Look Great As Hell at the Celebration of Lights

How to Look Great As Hell at the Celebration of Lights

John NguyenJul 27, '17

One of the best things about summer in Vancouver is the celebration of lights. It's an ecstatic event that brings millions of people to downtown Vancouver. If you’re new to the city, we have an annual fireworks competition every summer where various countries around the world will come to put on a show at English Bay. This year, we will be seeing Japan, the U.K, and ooohh Canada.

The gist of this guide is to dress like an easy breezy cover man.

First off, You need clothes. Here's what you can wear.

Boat Shoes

Wear these without ankle socks. Boat shoes are great because they have good traction on wet floors and can be easily slipped on or off for when you want to dip your toes into the water or get the sand out of your shoes. Besides, they match the whole beach / ocean look. 

Cotton or Twill Shorts

Materials such as cotton and twill are light, soft, and breathable which make them perfect for summer wear. The water at English Bay is pretty murky but definitely swimmable. If you plan on swimming, you can wear a pair of swim trunks instead.

Light Button Shirt or T Shirt

Go for shirts that don’t hug you too tightly. It’s hot as balls outside so you’ll want wind to be able to flow freely through your shirt. If you’re wearing a button shirt, unbutton the top buttons and roll the sleeves up. The beach is a casual place so a fitted T-shirt will do the trick too.

Long Sleeve Henley or Sports Jacket

The beach is a windy place so it would be a good idea to bring extra layers in case it get’s cold at night. Even if you’re not watching the fireworks from the beach, you’ll likely be watching it from a boat or from a high-rise apartment where it will also be cold.

Here’s a bro-tip -  if you’re watching the fireworks with a date, be sure to bring an extra jacket for them.


Nothing screams bad-ass like a good pair of sunglasses. Find a pair that matches your face shape. The summer sun will be out during the day but if you’re a weirdo who likes to wear sunglasses at night or in the club, you’re in luck. You can wear them during the fireworks.


Outfit Inspirations


Be Prepared! Here's more shit to bring

Tote Bag

Normally I would suggest you to bring a weekender bag to casual outings however, the beach isn’t the cleanest place so a simple tote bag should do the trick for holding all of your goods.

Beach Blanket

The beach gets incredibly crowded during the fireworks and many people will try to squeeze in a seat around you. Here’s the trick, the beach blanket will serve as a “DO NOT ENTER THIS SPACE” kind of barrier since many people (especially Canadians) will feel shy about sitting on your blanket.  There are fold-able blankets on amazon for around $25 that are around 5ft by 6.5ft in size. Try not to be a huge dick by putting down multiple blankets of that size. If the space gets too big and you don't have many people on them, people will come sit down on them anyways since the beach will be swamped with people.


When in doubt, use protection. Put on plenty of sunscreen during the day to prevent yourself from looking like burnt toast. If you’re like me and you get sun burnt, you’ll end up peeling your skin like a snake the next day.


Spending a day in the sun can easily leave your lips dry. It’s important to stay chapped up and hydrated because you'll be too hard to resist after following this guide.

A Long Stick or Flag

You’re going to need some sort of beating stick to keep the drunks away from you. Just kidding. If you’re meeting up with friends during the event, it’s going to be extremely difficult to find each other in the sea of literally hundreds of thousands of people. This is where your flag comes in. When your friends are looking for you, just flail your rod around and they’ll be sure to find you.

Last Words

Remember to stay present and enjoy yourself! Sure you can plan everything out, but if you can't enjoy the moment then what's the point? Is there something you usually bring to watch the fireworks? Leave a comment down below or share our good shit because we would love to know. 







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