Why higher armholes are crucial!

Why higher armholes are crucial!

John NguyenApr 11, '17

Few people know that off-the-rack isn’t built for you. If you’re going to pay big bucks on something as important as your suit, here is one major thing that you need to consider. Get a suit with high armholes.

It’s about where your armholes are.

So what do we even mean when we say you should have high armholes? When we’re talking about your armholes, we’re talking about the location of where the arms are in relation to the shoulders on your suit. If you have a suit with low armholes, the holes will be further away from the shoulders of your suit. How high the armholes are will affect how your suit fits, feels, and looks when you move your arms round.

What’s the difference?

Take a look at these two pictures. I think you can notice the difference between the two. But if you don’t, allow me to point it out to you. The gentleman on the left has a suit that has low armholes. As a result of this, when he raises his arms, it scrunches up his shoulders, his lapels bend, and his chest gets wrinkled. The reason is because a suit with lower arm holes hugs the chest more and restricts movement.


Here's a better fitted suit. (A suit with higher armholes)

Now if you look at the gentleman here, you will see that his suit barely raises up when his arms are raised. The shoulders are much smoother, the chest doesn’t stretch as much, and overall, it looks way more professional.

Why do stores even have low arm holes?

We’re slowly making a transition away from suits with low armholes. The main reason that many off-the rack stores produce suits with low armholes is because those suits have more oval shaped armholes. This allows more people to be able to fit their arms into them. It also makes it easier for people to put on the suits.

However, just because it’s easy to put on the suit,doesn’t mean the suit is going to feel comfortable. It may feel comfortable at first, but after wearing the suit for a couple of hours, it won’t be comfortable anymore. When some people put on a suit with higher arm holes, it has more of a snug fit. This often makes people think that the suit is too small when in fact it fits better than a suit with low arm holes. It’s because they’re too used to off-the-rack and haven’t had the pleasure of a custom-made suit.

A suit with higher arm holes will look and feel better.

When your suit has higher arm holes, it will move with your body, will feel more snug, and won’t bunch up. If your suit constantly bunches up, it will also wear down the suit a lot faster. It may be a tad bit more difficult to put on your jacket at first compared to a suit with lower arm holes but that process only lasts 5 seconds. Not only will the suit give you more mobility, but you’ll be able to wear it all day long.

Where to get a suit with higher arm holes?

Suits with higher armholes are a sign of good craftsmanship and quality. Companies that do this show that they really care about their customers. The absolute best place to get them are places that make custom suits. Trust me, once you go custom, you will never want to go back.

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