How To Save 13 Minutes A Day Or 4 Months Of Your Life On Clothing Decisions

How To Save 13 Minutes A Day Or 4 Months Of Your Life On Clothing Decisions

Jared EnriquezNov 2, '17

How much time do you spend thinking of what to eat for breakfast? Or waiting for that website to load while you’re trying to book a seat sale for your next travel? Or just simply thinking about what to wear today even if the person that you admire or your boss will not really care? Oh well, too much time being spent for things that will not matter in the next few years right?

In a research done by the London-based retailer Marks and Spencer, men actually spend an average of 13 minutes of their day thinking about the clothing decision they have to make. Yes, you clearly have so much time compared to the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who doesn’t really care even if he wears the same grey shirt every day.

Women, on the other hand, spend an average of 17 minutes every day deciding what to wear. Well, that’s given for ladies so nothing’s new.

But if you come to think of it and try to compute that, men actually spend an average of three days per year or four months of their life, meanwhile, women waste a total of six months of their lifetime just to get noticed! Crazy!

Well, our point here is that picking your #OOTD shouldn’t affect your work and social life balance. Imagine yourself in a situation where you get late just because you haven’t found the perfect outfit or you have missed a very important occasion because you took so much time deciding what to wear. What a hassle, right?

Men can definitely save the day just by simply picking the right color of blazers that will complement their outfit. If you’re one of those who have trouble in matching colors, DV definitely has your back!

Here, we can help you achieve a perfect #OOTD without spending too much of your time a day. We can help you in picking the right color scheme from analogous to contrasting colors, choosing the right patterns, and customizing your suits and shirts! We can help you avoid that decision fatigue for you to have more mental space and help you decide on things that really matter.

But if you’re not convinced and you think that nobody can help because your wardrobe is already a hopeless case, well, so are you. Just kidding!

Of course, DV is here and we have a solution to your clothing dilemma and we’re at your back so you can surely slay the day! As we provide a seamless yet convenient shopping experience by coming to your office or home, we’re also a one-stop shop that helps to provide you quality clothing for your everyday life.


Now that you’ve realized how much time you waste every day, you have the option to either stick what with what you’re doing or you can let us know how we can help you by leaving a comment below or by sharing our good shit with your colleagues!

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