3 Quick & Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Style For Spring

3 Quick & Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Style For Spring

John NguyenApr 15, '17

Spring is an odd season where it's both cold and hot here in Vancouver. One hour it can be cold, rainy, and cloudy and in another, it can be clear, hot, and sunny. The name of the game is about finding balance and versatility with your outfit.

Opt for lighter and brighter fabrics

While more earthy tones are suited for the fall, you can go for lighter versions of those tones such as light walnut brown, or pastel pinks, blues, and greens. For your fabrics go for tropical wools, cotton, and linens. These fabrics are light but can wrinkle a little more. 

Don’t go too tight for shirts.

In case the sun comes out and you get too warm, opt for shirts that don’t hug you as much. You want breathability in case it gets too hot. Some key shirts you can depend on are short sleeve button shirts, henley shirts, and crewnecks.

Use lightweight jackets to stay warm.

Unstructured blazers are a great choice and are light enough for spring and summer conditions. They are thick enough for cooler weather but when the sun hits, they won’t leave you sweating bullets. 

Mix and match these tops with different colored chinos. Spring is all about being able to dress up when it gets a bit cold and being able to dress down right away when it gets hot. How do you dress for the spring? Tell us by commenting down below or by sharing this article with your friends.

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