Know this before you shop! Overcoats vs Topcoats.

Know this before you shop! Overcoats vs Topcoats.

John NguyenFeb 3, '17

It’s snowing season and you’re looking to get a coat that will keep you warm. You’re browsing the web and you constantly see overcoats and topcoats. They look incredibly similar so now you’re wondering to yourself. What’s the difference between the two coats?

Don’t fret. We at DV have got you covered! It’s actually really simple.


An overcoat is a heavy and long jacket that is primarily worn on top of your suit jacket. The sleeves of the jacket are supposed to completely cover your suit sleeves. The length of the jacket extends past the knees and can sometimes go up to your ankle. The purpose of the jacket is to protect your suit and keep you protected from the cold and snow.



A topcoat is an overcoat that is light weight. It’s made of fabrics that are lighter and more sleek. As the for the length of the topcoat, its length doesn’t go much further past the knee.

Now there you have it. The topcoat and overcoat are both great choices to protect you from the cold elements when you want to stay formal.

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