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Little Details We Often Miss... What The Hell Is Lapel Gorge?

Posted on November 23 2017

Nope, there are things that internet won’t tell you because there are details that only a bad ass connoisseur can answer. So, don’t dare open another useless tab because you’d probably waste your time looking for the right information.

One of the things to take into consideration when someone’s trying to create a perfectly balanced suit is to check on simple details such as break, shirring, vents, gorge, and lapel. This is the reason why a stylist would usually consider the implications of the placing and shape of the gorge of the lapel before they agree to go for a bespoke suit. Remember, a good stylist definitely knows that this can greatly affect someone’s physique in so many ways. And never forget that gorge is one of the most important details that you have to consider when you decide to go for a bespoke men’s suit.

Lapel Gorge

If you’re not familiar with some fashion jargons, a lapel gorge is the part of the suit where the body of the lapel is attached to the collar of the jacket. So, it’s really easy to say that the shape of the gorge is directly proportional with the shape of the lapel itself.

When you talk about lapel gorge, usually there are two things that you have to answer: first, which suits your body? And second, what are the ways that exploiting different lapel gorge shapes that can greatly impact upon the aesthetic portrayed?

Adjusting lapel gorge alters the aesthetic of the ensemble and it will also accentuate or reduce physiological characteristics of the wearer.

When your stylist decides to higher the lapel gorge with a lower button stance, it will give more enhancement for the stature of the person who wears it. Furthermore, it also elongates the lines of the jacket while giving more emphasis on the masculinity of the ensemble. Definitely, this will look you a lot taller especially if you’re height-deprived.

On the other hand, if your stylist decides to pair a lower lapel gorge with a higher button stance, then he/she might be thinking of reducing the lapel strength and reducing the lines of the jacket so it will give a tall and thin wearer a perfect balance and proportion which can also add a greater shape to his torso.

Speaking of style, a higher lapel gorge is considered to be more cosmopolitan in nature which is in accordance with the modern renaissance of Italian tailoring nowadays.

Lapel Gorge


Don’t just simply decide just because you need to. If there’s a need to (and most of the time you really have to) seek assistance from a professional, don’t be afraid to ask one. Always remember that it is recommended that a guy’s direction is metered by notions of timeliness and of course, by apt awareness of someone physical attributes.

If you find yourself struggling in these things, it’s better to comment down below on how we can help you so you can avoid wasting your precious time Google-ing for the right answers. We’re happy to help and if you’re convinced enough, help your colleagues too by sharing our good shits with them!


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