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Save money with better laundry hacks

Posted on February 23 2017

Ah, doing the dreaded laundry is always a drag. While putting your clothes through the laundry is meant to clean your clothing, doing it wrong can make you want to throw it out. By using proper laundry techniques, you can save money by making your clothes last longer.

Don’t wash your clothing too often


Over washing your clothing can wear its fabrics down. This especially matters when you want to maintain the rigidity of the collars and sleeves of your dress shirts. Not everything needs to be washed after every use. If it looks clean and smells clean, it’s probably clean. Not only will it save you time from washing, it will save your pockets from the energy bill. Items such as jeans and jackets don’t usually need as much washing as t-shirts do.


Turn your clothing inside out for the wash


You don’t need to turn your underwear or socks inside out but turning the rest of your wardrobe inside out helps a lot. It prevents your clothing from rubbing on the sides of the machine and also gives the insides of your clothing (which is probably dirtier from touching your body) a better cleaning. Not only does it prevent your clothing from wearing down faster but it also helps to maintain its color.

Check your pockets


Depending on what you have in your pockets, it can be dangerous to have them in the wash. Pens, chap-stick, coins, and tissues are all dangerous. They can leave marks or creases on your clothing that will be difficult to get rid of. Before throwing your clothing into the wash, be sure to screen your clothing for any items.

Throw salt into the laundry


Add in a tablespoon of salt into your wash to preserve the color of your clothing. It works to seal in the colors of your clothing thereby preventing the colors from washing out over time.

Separate the colors

While it is tempting to want to throw all of your clothing in all at once, you risk having your clothing change its colors. The darker clothing can emit dyes that can be soaked up from your lighter colored clothing. You don’t want to ruin your wardrobe so follow my advice and separate your wardrobe in this fashion.

  1. Darks (blacks, navies, forest greens, dark browns, etc..)
  2. Lights (light yellows, pale pinks, light blues, light grey, etc..)
  3. Whites (self explanatory)



Know whether to fold or hang your clothes

Knitted clothing lasts longer if they are folded. Sweaters in general are meant to be folded because the weight of the clothing will stretch it if it’s on a hanger. However, your dress shirts and suits should definitely be hung using thick wooden hangers to preserve the shape of their shoulders and help wick away any moisture clinging onto them.


On another note, whenever possible it is better to hang dry your clothing (inside out) to keep your clothes from getting beat up in the tumbler.

Final Remarks

And there you have it. For those of you who don’t like to think of laundry often, I hope you will keep these tips in mind the next time you need to put your clothing into the wash. I find that it helps to put on some music while I do the laundry or any other chores. Stay fresh and stay cool!


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