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Stylish Ways To Tie A Scarf

Posted on November 23 2017

We can already feel the holiday season and new trends are also on the rise. This time, you want to add more details on your everyday #OOTD to look more stylish than before for sure. And one way of doing it is stylishly tying your scarf.

You might find several Youtube tutorials and articles on the internet but admit it or not, they all answer the same question: how to ensure your scarf looks stylish and stays on?

Well, we know that scarf can sometimes bring out your frustration as this can be difficult to wear. But, how do we make sure that we strike the balance so it’s not going to be suffocating tight or shitty loose?

Stylish Ways to Tie A Scarf

To give you an idea, here are some ways to wear with a bang:


Get your scarf and drape it - from its middle – around the back of your neck so each side hangs down on either side of your body. It may not be the best way of ensuring warmth during this season but it’ll give you the damn smart look especially when it’s peeking from underneath the collar of an overcoat.

The Drape Style


You can never go wrong with this option especially when you decide to bring out and wear those jacket, jamper, and jeans!

The Parisian Knot can be achieved by folding the scarf in half and then placing it around the back of your neck. Once it’s already double over, you can then thread the loose ends of the scarf through the “hole” on the other side. Tinch it until it’s already tight enough to look neat. But don’t make it too tight unless you want to look like you’re trying to turn a noose into a fashion accessary.

The Parisian Knot


Unlike the first two options, this is knot is pretty simple. You just simply have to wrap the scarf several times around your neck and rotate the mass of wrapped fabric in a way that the scarf won’t easily unravel. And don’t forget, this look usually have two ends draped evenly over your chest.

Wraparound Style


If you want to achieve a contrived look, this knot will help you to get it. To do this, just simply lay the scarf on around your neck and make sure that both ends are parallel in the front. Bring one end over and then under the other end. Drape the front end over the back and adjust it based on your preference. This style is versatile as it can be worn loose on the outside of your ensemble or slightly snugged-up and tucked into a sports coat or blazer.

The Connoisseur Style


You can maximize the motion impact of your scarf by choosing this option. You don’t have to knot this because you can simply achieve this look by just lightly draping the scarf around your neck until one end leaves shorter than the other. If you happen to own an extra long scarf, you can try wrapping it around your neck before placing it behind your shoulder. This style allows you to successfully communicate activity and mobility.

The Jetsetter Style


Achieving a new look with this little piece of cloth is not difficult so don’t be afraid to experiment on the things that can help you look stylish especially this season. If you want to learn more, leave a comment down below or share our shits with your friends!


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