The 4 Things Every Smart Casual Wardrobe Needs

The 4 Things Every Smart Casual Wardrobe Needs

John NguyenJan 30, '17

This is the key guide to your smart casual wardrobe. To start off, you might be wondering, what is a smart casual wardrobe? It’s a flexible wardrobe that let’s you dress up a little or dress down a little bit depending on the occasion but the key factor in this wardrobe is that you will always look sophisticated, casual, and neat. This guide will help you become a smarter and better looking dresser.



There are a few things you need to consider when you are buying your blazers. A good blazer will allow you to be flexible with multiple outfits, will leave you looking good, and will feel comfortable as well. The softer and less rigid blazers go better with chinos and jeans whereas the blazers with more structure and padding on the shoulders will go better with a more formal look. In terms of texture, the more texture you have, the more casual the blazer is. When you’re choosing the color of the blazer, the more neutral the color is, the more versatile that piece can be. However, having some lighter colors and patterns can really add some flare to your wardrobe.


Oxford Button Down Shirt

The oxford button down shirt is usually softer and thicker than other traditional,stiffer and more formal button downs. This allows it to be more versatile and more casual for your smart outfit. It’s more formal than both a t-shirt and a polo so it keeps your overall outfit looking smarter than casual.



In a smart-casual outfit, you could wear jeans but make sure that they are slim fitted and are dark jeans. Jeans will lead you more towards the casual end of the spectrum so you can switch things up with chinos to push yourself towards a smarter look. If you did want to make your chinos more casual, you could also roll them up.



Just like how you can wear jeans in your smart casual outfit, you can wear white trainers too. However, these two options will lead you towards more of a casual look. Brogues are ideal for the smart-casual look. When you are choosing a shoe, the shinier it is, the sharper the toes are, and the less detailing it has, will provide you with a more formal look. When you’re wearing formal or dark suits, don’t wear tan shoes, it looks terrible.


Some key takeaways

The smart-casual look lies on a spectrum between formal and casual. As a rule of thumb when you’re deciding how formal you want to look, the more structured, the more sleek and solid, the more neutral colored, and the more plain your article of clothing is, the more you are leaning towards a formal look.

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