The 9 Best Dressed Men at the Oscars

The 9 Best Dressed Men at the Oscars

John NguyenMar 1, '17

This year, the outfits that the men wore at the Oscars were on point! Each of their outfits had their owns flare to them. This is a great demonstration of how good you can look by carefully choosing the right combinations of colours, patterns, and styles.

Riz Ahmed


Riz stands out from the crowd with his sleek blue suit. His style is clean yet simple as he stands here prominently with his two toned jacket, two toned shoes, and narrow bowtie.

Justin Timberlake


Here is Justin Timberlake with the classic tom ford look. He is wearing a butterfly bowtie but more importantly, if you look closely, you will notice that he is wearing a textured jacket!

Pharrell Williams


Pharrell ups the formality with a tailcoat. Notice how he strategically varies the texture of his outfit with the use of his flower lapel, his neck jewelry, and his sleek cummerbund.

Dev Patel


Dev Patel brings an off-white dinner jacket onto the red carpet that is paired with sleek black pants. His off-white jacket and its peak lapel work well to contrast his snow-white undershirt and narrow black bow-tie.

Andrew Garfield


This classic look certainly suits Andrew’s tall and slim stature. He has a peak lapel, his suit fits perfectly, he’s wearing patent loafers, and his shoes also have two tones.

John Legend


John Legend dances down the red carpet with his wife Chrissy Teigen. His style shows that simplicity is always a safe choice for looking great. Here he is rocking a peak lapel, butterfly bow-tie, slightly less formal shoes, and a handsome smirk.

Mahershala Ali


This is a masterful and successful attempt that shows you that black on black can certainly work. Mahershala’s suit is fitted and tailored perfectly. This outfit works because every piece of it has a different texture. To top off this monochrome look, he is wearing a simple bow tie with a checkered pocket square.

David Oyelowo


David Oyelowo stands confidently as he shows off his white dinner jacket and skinny bow-tie. The jacket has a prominent black shawl lapel and if you look extremely closely, you may be able to notice that his jacket has a subtle jacquard pattern.

Josh Dallas


Josh Dallas brings the two-toned dark brown velvet jacket with a peak lapel down the red carpet.That sure is a mouthful to say. His hazelnut colored pocket square and golden flower lapel pin sets the cherry on top of this handsome look.

Last Remarks

While all of these men are wealthy celebrities, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock these looks too. The most important factor in all of these looks is the fact that they are fitted perfectly. It’s not the brand that makes the look, it’s the fit and the strategic piece combinations. Most of these looks can be recreated by DV Clothiers so you don’t need to be a celebrity to look as great as they do.

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