The Creed to Men’s Fashion

The Creed to Men’s Fashion

John NguyenFeb 15, '17

Fashion differs from person to person but we all know that there are certain guidelines for certain looks. Trends change all the time as the seasons go by but for the time being, being a dapper-man is what’s hot. Everyone appreciates and can tell when a man knows how to dress. This creed will serve as an easy to follow rule-book for looking and feeling good.



  1. Match the metal on your shoes, belt buckle, suspenders, blazer buttons, and cuff-links. Matching your watch is optional.

  2. Black shoes go well with a navy suit/pants

  3. Black, brown, and burgundy leather shoes are the only colored shoes allowed for business dress. White bucks are an exception.

  4. Choose the color of your socks to be either complementary or contrasting to either your pants, shirt, tie, pocket squares, or suspenders.

  5. Matching the leather on your watch, belt, and shoes is a good idea.

  6. Always wear a belt on pants that have belt loops.

  7. Never ever use your belt to hold ANY accessories such as multi-tools, your phone, ID tags, keys, etc.

  8. Never match your tie pattern to the same pattern of your pocket squares but make sure the colors complement each other.

  9. Never wear a French cuff without a jacket.

  10. Never wear slip ons with a suit.

  11. You can wear loafers with a suit.

  12. Never wear square/flat toed shoes. They’re distasteful.

  13.  Patent leather shoes should never be worn in a casual setting. They're too formal.

  14. Never wear a long necktie to a black-tie (semi-formal) event. Instead, wear a skinnier shorter tie or even a bow-tie.

  15. Chesterfield coats must stay with formal attire. Don’t wear them with casual clothing.

  16. Never wear a tie without a jacket. If you do, you risk looking like a door-to-door salesman.

  17. Don’t wear suspenders without a jacket and only wear suspenders that utilize buttons and not clips.

  18. Never wear a crew neck undershirt with the top button unbuttoned. It is better to wear a V-neck undershirt instead.

  19. Brown suits are permissible for business wear.

  20. Dress shirts with white collars and cuffs should not be used for casual attire. They are reserved for business or formal occasions.

  21. Always leave the bottom button of your vest unbuttoned unless you are wearing a double breasted or flat bottomed vest in which case you should button it up.

  22. Always iron your shirt collar before wearing it.

  23. Always utilize a pocket square with your suit jacket

  24. Never in a million years wear a backpack with a suit or business wear.

  25. Never display any logo for any occasion more formal than business casual wear. Scarves are an exception. What’s most important is the fit of the suit and not the brand.

  26. Always wear your tie bar perpendicular to your tie. It looks sloppy if it’s crooked.

  27. Your off-color shirts that have white collars must have French cuffs.

  28. Never button up all 3 buttons on a 3 button jacket You can either keep the top or middle button buttoned but never the bottom one.

  29. Over the calf socks are far more superior than crew socks.

  30. Solid black suits should not be worn for business attire.

  31. Never wear shoes that are worn-out or are of poor quality. This is incredibly frowned upon.

  32. Never wear sports glasses or sports watches with a suit. It is equivalent to wearing socks and sandals.

  33. Being overdressed is always better than being under-dressed.

  34. Never wear the same dress shirt color as your suit.

  35. Never require an excuse to dress up. Be the well-dressed person you want to be!

And there you have it! These are merely guidelines to help you achieve the gentleman’s look. At the end of the day, this is all about YOUR style. Become the master of your own look!


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