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The Foolproof Method To Match Your Shirt And Tie

Posted on September 14 2017

How good are you with your colors? You’re talented and can do amazing things like putting IKEA furniture together but you can’t match your shirt and tie?  Not to worry, many are in the same boat. It can be tough choosing a shirt and tie that go together. Heck, some people have trouble distinguishing between maroon and red. Don’t worry, DV has your back. Here are some steps you can take to match them up.



1.Choose the Color Scheme

When in doubt, consult color explorer, the color matching tool. This may seem overkill for dressing up but it’s not. Trust me, it’s simple once you start to remember what colors work with what. You have 2 choices of color combinations to choose from.


Analogous colors

Analogous colors are colors that are similar to each other. For example, you could go with a pale blue shirt and a navy blue tie. If you want to go with a monochromatic look, make sure the shades of the color vary in hue or texture.


A trick you can use to pair your shirt and tie is to make sure they have hints of the same color. For example, if you have a solid pastel pink shirt, you could pair it up with a navy tie that has little pastel pink polka dots on it.


Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are colors like red and navy blue. The most basic example of a color that is very contrasting is white. White contrasts with everything.



2.Choose the Patterns

The trick with picking patterns that will go together is to choose patterns that are different in shape or size. That way, the pieces won’t meld into each other. The last thing you want is to have a tie that has the exact same pattern and color as your shirt. Imagine a mime wearing a striped shirt and striped tie. No bueno.


Let’s say you have a solid color shirt. You can pair that up with a polka dotted or striped tie. How about a striped shirt? If the stripes on the shirt are small, you can combine it with a tie that has bigger stripes or with a tie that has a completely different pattern.


3. Change up the texture

Similarly to how the patterns on the shirt and tie should be different, it also helps to vary their textures. For example, you can pair a smooth cotton shirt with a knitted tie.



4. Last Resort 

I know there are some sad lads out there who still won’t be able to match their ties and shirts properly. If this guide doesn’t help you, no one can help you. Just kidding, all is not lost. There’s an easy solution to this. Just hire DV as your personal clothier! You’ll be in good hands. Once you go DV, you’ll never go back.

On the chance that you’re not smart enough to go with us, there’s one last solution. Use google. No seriously. All you need to do is search for fashionable people and then replicate their outfits.


Last Words

With the jokes aside, being able to properly match your clothing does take a well trained eye. It comes with experience. The more you do it, the faster you’ll be able to pick out the right textures, colors, and patterns.

Here’s a question. What shirt and tie combination do you wear the most? Let us know by leaving a comment down below or by sharing our good shit with your friends.


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