The Right Way To Dress Your Groomsmen

The Right Way To Dress Your Groomsmen

John NguyenMar 29, '17


By now, you should have the venue picked out, the menu chosen, and the wedding theme created. Now comes for deciding what to do with the groomsmen. They’re known to be loyal, they’ve always been there for you, and they are your best friends. The big day for celebration is coming so what do you want your squad to look like? Here are some things that you need to consider.

3 Looks To Consider


For weddings, blue is a traditional colour to go for. You can choose suits that lay on the spectrum of from really dark navies to pale light blue to bright cobalt blues.

Black Tie

Wearing Black tie is good for the evening/night. Everyone looks good in a fitted tux. This means wearing a bow-tie, white shirt, and suspenders/braces. Follow this for the night you’ll look like a James Bond Squad.

Smart casual

For events that are happening during the day time or are in locations that are more informal such as at a park or a beach, smart casual can be the way to go. This means wearing a suit and shirt with the neck unbuttoned. Wear pocket squares and don’t wear a tie.


More Things to Consider


Some people cover the whole bill for their groomsmen and some people don’t. Both options are perfectly fine and it’s all about cultural preferences. However, when you are selecting the outfits for the groomsmen, make sure that communication is clear about how much each outfit will cost because it can get costly. If everyone is going to be outfitted together, make sure you look for group deals so that you can save a little money. It’s also a whole bunch of fun when you’re all being outfitted together.

Matching Tips

  • Match your tie and pocket squares to the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • You could also match your vest to the bridesmaid’s dresses as well.
  • Contrast the colour of your waistcoat with the groom's’ so that the groom stands out from the rest.
  • Remember, the groom and bride are the stars of the show so don’t feel ashamed to put the spotlight on yourself.
  • Match the event location. For example, if you are having your party at night at a ball, a more formal look would be better for the event. However, a beach wedding might be better suited for smart-casual.

Add a little something special.

Gifting your groomsmen with fun socks, cufflinks, belts, pocket squares, or ties can be fun.

Talk to the squad

You don’t have to decide this all on your own. Get their opinions so they are happy on the big day too. Maybe you don’t have to look like clones of each other. You can suggest a colour of suit, a style of suit or even give them a photo for inspiration so that they can decide for themselves. Just make sure they show you what they come up with.

Final Word

At the end of the day, it’s a celebration. Having fun and enjoying the night is what’s important. No matter how much you dress up your squad, you know that you’ll all be running around like boys. What ideas do you have to dress up your squad? Share this post with them so that you can get brainstorming.

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