How to Start Dressing Better 101: Tips for Saving Time and Money

How to Start Dressing Better 101: Tips for Saving Time and Money

John NguyenMay 25, '173 comments

Have you been wanting to dress better for awhile now but haven’t taken the step in that direction until now? Do you have someone that you want to impress? Maybe you just want to build up your confidence or maybe you just want to change up your style. Whatever the reasons are, there are 4 key things that you need to keep in mind before you start. These tips can save you time and money as you are buying your first key pieces of your wardrobe.



Pay attention to the fit

The key to looking great and to building your confidence is to wear clothing that fits properly and feels good. Look good, feel good, right? This is especially important if you’re buying something such as a blazer or a dress shirt because those pieces need to fit in order to look good. Otherwise, you’ll just look sloppy. When it comes to dressing “smart”, the better the fit, the cleaner and more streamlined the look is.



This is especially important when you are designing a new wardrobe for yourself. Since you’re experimenting with new looks, it’s important that you buy clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other. To know whether you can match outfits, do a google search of some men’s look books or of some styles that you like. As you are searching, pay attention to any common pieces in the styles that you like.


Stick with colours such as grays, whites, blacks, browns, pastels, and other dark and solid colours since those are the easiest to match with.


Price & Quality

Low End (Under 100$ Per Clothing Piece)

On the low end of the price spectrum, you can buy from stores such as H & M or Zara. These stores are known mainly for their Fast Fashion. Their clothing is inexpensive, is made of low quality fabrics, and isn’t well made. Most of their clothes will only last you a couple of seasons before they begin to fray and degrade. Only go this route if you’re on a tight budget or if you’re unsure whether you want to dress in this particular style.



Mid End ($100-$400 Per Clothing Piece)

I personally recommend you stick to buying from mid-end priced stores. In the mid-end, you will see good quality, better construction on the material, better fabric choices, and securer threading. The items (especially denims) are more durable and can last you many years to come if handled with care. This is a great price point to get some basic pieces. I would shop at places such as Frank and Oak, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, or Banana Republic.



High End ($400+ Per Clothing Piece)

Once you go past the mid-end, it starts to become more about the name brand, the designers’ prestige, and about new and interesting runway looks.

High price doesn’t always mean high quality. If you’re resourceful and patient enough, you can get some good deals when stores go on sale. Department stores like Nordstrom, and the bay are good places to get higher priced items at lower price points because of their sales. I would shop at places such as Harry Rosen, or Holt Renfrew for the higher end items.


Do a bit of research

There are super informative YouTube channels such as Teaching Men’s Fashion, Gentleman’s Gazette, and Real Men Real Style who have informative videos on all areas of men’s fashion and style. You can also look to our Blog at DV Clothiers or a blog called Fashion Beans. The most helpful thing that you can do as you are learning to build your wardrobe is to have an idea of how you want to look. For this, you can look towards look books and Instagram pages like Brightbazaar, and iamgalla.



Last Words

So what’s inspiring you to dress better? We would love to know. Leave a comment below or share this article with your friends!

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Chris Harrison on May 31, '20

Getting best dressed for me means wearing well fitted and good quality clothes. Also, one should follow some fashion tips to look classy and stylish. Thanks for this awesome blog post.

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