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Tips for your next Valentine's date

Posted on January 19 2017

The day where people are seemingly falling head over heels for eachother is coming up. For some, it is an occasion that happens once a year that is full of experimentation, exploration, fun, heartbreak, or self discovery. Here in North America, we call it Valentine's day.

You know that what matters the most is how your personalities connect with each other but you still want to add the cherry on top for your date. The advice that I am going to give you here will serve as a suggestion for what you can wear. It will show your date that you have put in the extra effort of thought and care for the occasion.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not only for your confidence and your image but equally importantly, it is for your date. It is also important to keep in mind what your date might be wearing and to dress accordingly so that you can complement their outfit.

Dress for the occasion.

Different occasions call for different measures. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered for most Valentine's dates.

Exclusive event/Special Event

On the rare occasion, you may be going to an important event for Valentine's day. These events are invite-only events. Perhaps it’s a special gala or an award show. It’s lucky that you got the opportunity.

There will be usually be a dress code on the invitation however, you can never go wrong with wearing the standard closed front french cuff dress shirt, black bowtie and a sleek navy suit overtop of it. Slap on a pair of black oxford shoes and you are good to go.


Signature Piece: Full blown suit

Fancy Restaurant

Have you made reservations to a restaurant weeks or even months in advance? On this occasion you may be having an expensive evening dinner so you need to stay dressed up. Wearing a full on business suit would make you look too serious so the trick is to add some flare to the look. Wear a suit like you normally would but ditch the tie, belt, and unbutton couple of the buttons on your shirt.

When you are choosing your outfit, go for suits with some texture. Birdseye, herringbone, and checkered suits will give you a more stylish and sexy look as opposed to looking like you’re there for a wedding. Wear a striped shirt underneath, slip a colorful pocket square into your shirt, and throw on some burgundy or brown loafers. The last tip for this look is to make sure everything especially your shoes are in good condition. Trust me, it matters.



Signature Piece: Textured Blazer

Night out for drinks

If you’re going to a bar or going clubbing, my go-to look is a darker and edgier look. It will depend on your style but for your bottoms you could go for dark blue slim jeans or chinos. For your top, you could wear a band collared shirt, a cotton stretch oxford shirt (with the top buttons loosened), or even a nice t-shirt and pair that up with a v-neck jumper or cardigan. The last thing you need to add to complete the outfit is a leather jacket and some black penny loafers.



Signature Piece: Leather Jacket


Simple date to the movies

This is the classic movie night out. Although it’s casual, dressing up just a little bit will make your date feel like you have put in the effort to look nice for them. I would go for a blazer, harington, shawl neck cardigan, or even a classic trench. Wear a neutral t-shirt underneath. For your pants you can opt for slim jeans or some chinos. Throw on some casual slip ons or some desert boots and you’re good to go.


Signature Piece: The Unstructured Blazer


Home-made dinner/ Night inside

Wear the outfits that you normally wear unless it’s a sweat suit. It’s still a date so treat it like one. If you’re wondering what I would wear, you would find me wearing casual button shirt, chinos, and a pair of casual slip ons.

Last things to take away.

With all of these considerations in mind, remember that these are suggestions or guidelines. Make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable because if it isn’t, your date will know. If there is a dress code for the place you are going, by all means wear accordingly to the dress code. What’s more important than your outfit is your attitude. As cliche as it may sound, you want to be your authentic self. You can’t build any meaningful relationships without being your true self. It’s a date so remember to be confident and enjoy yourself. You’ve got this!


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