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Tips To Help Your Wardrobe Last

Posted on November 11 2017

Whoever said clothing should not be taken seriously obviously didn’t know how to take care of his shit or is adding to the “disposable society” epidemic. Of course, clothes are just as important as food, shelter, education, or even healthcare because who doesn’t want to be comfortable and confident while doing one’s daily grind, right? And clothes can make you feel just like that. The pieces you choose to wear from head to toe will affect the way you do your everyday routine so, of course, investing on the right pieces that will not only make you feel good about yourself but also make it easy for you to move around as you work and play seems like the most obvious thing to do.

But as with any investment, you have to put in extra time and extra effort to maintain your wardrobe and make sure that every piece is equally given attention. Your wardrobe has its needs too and every clothing in your collection is just as important as the next one.

So, how do you really make your clothes last? Here’s what you should do:

Tips to help your wardrobe last

Always remember the holy trinity of cleaning clothing: water, brush, and a good ol’ cotton cloth.

One way or another, you’re gonna get your suit or coat soiled, what with all the places you go to and the activities you do while wearing it. It’s inevitable, yes, but there’s no need for you to go to the dry cleaners right away every time you get your clothes dirty. Drycleaners can use very damaging chemicals and even the “green” cleaners can wreck havoc. Why spend money on having it cleaned by others when you can do the cleaning yourself at home? Surely you have those three things mentioned above somewhere in your house.

For stains, you don’t have to wash the whole suit or coat just to get it out. Simply get a damp cotton cloth and blot the stain with it so it can absorb as much of the stain as possible. Emphasis on blot. Do not rub the damp cloth on the stain because too much friction applied to the fabric can and will deteriorate its quality. Rinse the cotton cloth from time to time and do the procedure until the stain is removed. The best part is, this works on almost all fabric types so it doesn’t matter whether what you wore was made of wool, suede, or fur because the water and cotton cloth will still work its wonders.

Aside from stains, dust and dirt are also banes for clothing, especially for suits and coats. These things may be microscopic but it can do a great deal of damage in the long run if overlooked. That’s why it is advisable to brush your suit or coat after every use so that dust and dirt would not accumulate. If you don’t own a brush yet, what’s a few bucks to shell out in buying one, right? Trust us, your suits and coats will thank you for it.

Keep it cool, dry, clean, and dark.

After you’re done cleaning your wardrobe pieces, it’s time for you to keep your clothing somewhere safe, away from harmful things that might damage them. So it’s important that you store your clothes somewhere cool, dry, clean, and dark since all these factors are vital in hampering bacterial growth, warding off insect infestation, and preventing UV damage and color fading.

Also, when storing your clothing, hang the pieces—especially the suits and coats—on a wooden hanger and leave at least ½ inch of space between each garment so that they would be able to breathe, maintain their shape, and be easier for you to sort through. Never ever use wire hangers as it will leave ugly creases on the shoulders which will not only look unpleasant but may also permanently damage your immaculate suit or coat.

Warning: dry cleaning is dangerous to your clothes’ health.

How to make your wardrobe last

Remember, dry cleaning exposes your clothing to great risks, like making it more vulnerable to harsh chemicals, and too much chemical is not good for your clothes as it will eventually take a toll on the fabric if done regularly. You might think that taking your garments to the dry cleaner will give them a longer lifespan, but what it’ll do is the opposite. Sure, you may go there every once in a while but only do so if there’s already a build-up of visible dirt or noticeable odor. Just like drinking, do this thing in moderation.

Prevention is, indeed, better than cure, not just in terms of a person’s health, but with wardrobe pieces as well. It’s true; maintaining your wardrobe and thoroughly making sure every piece is looked after can be a tedious process that will consume a great deal of your time, but every investment requires a different level of extra to guarantee that you get your money’s worth. After all, you’ve already spent your hard earned $$ on your items so it’s only reasonable that just like any investment you want to nurture it, protect it, make it last, and get the most out of it.


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