The Gentleman's Capsule Wardrobe

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The Capsule Wardrobe Concept

"A highly intentional, well thought wardrobe that is designed to all "go together"
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The Gentleman's Capsule
Wardrobe Packages

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Biz Leisure

Ideal for the guy who mostly works from home and likes to maintain professionalism but be comfy

Piece Capsule Wardrobe


Piece Capsule Wardrobe

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Biz Casual

Ideal for the hybrid WFH and on the go guy who wants to look and feel great but also be comfortable

Piece Capsule Wardrobe


Piece Capsule Wardrobe

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Biz Pro

Ideal for the guy is always on the go and prefers to keep his appearance looking the best at all times

Piece Capsule Wardrobe


Piece Capsule Wardrobe

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What our clients have to say

“The thing that impressed me the most was the service. From the introductory meeting, to the measurement, to the fitting session, I was never pressured or rushed. I highly recommend DV to any guy looking for suits and shirts.”

Mehul Ghandi
Certified Financial Planner

I ordered a suit for my wedding because I wanted something special and unique made just for me. I was initially drawn to DVC because I noticed from their website the importance of the details along with the flashy look I wanted! The whole experience was excellent!

Brian Schreiber

I got two bamboo cotton shirts from DVC. The experience was great. I went in and got my measurements. I learned what makes shirts high quality. Overall, I was very happy with the experience and looking to buy some pants and suits in the future.

Behdad Jamshidi
Sales Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is every package the exact same items?

No package is the exact same. We work directly with you to determine what you currently have, what items are nearing the end of their life-cycle and make our recommendations based on what you need.

Some items may be similar but every piece is made unique to your body type and with your very own personal touches. Take your style quiz to get started.

Why the try on garments?

The try on garments essentially provide us with a trial-run for our first time clients. It allows us to create the perfect fit without engaging a local tailor. Since we started this we have eliminated the need to "go to a tailor"

Eliminate the risk and get the reward of the perfect fit, every-time.

Can I substitute items?

If you are not interested an item listed or recommended by your private Clothier & Stylist we will gladly work with you to substitute an item for equal value.

What is a Clothier?

The textbook definition of a professional clothier is “a person who makes, markets, or sells fine cloth garments.” A Clothiers sole purpose and primary focus is to build and design quality garments for their clients.

Can I upgrade fabrics?

Yes you can upgrade fabrics to any of our imported fabric mills we work with. Pricing of these packages are based on our house line DVC fabrics and of the upmost quality already.

How do I get started?

The first step is to take your style quiz. The next step is to get your measurements on file. This is done online from your smartphone. Your private Clothier & Stylist will also reach out to you or feel free to book a consult with us to get going or learn more.

Can I cancel my plan?

There is no term based contractual obligation. You can cancel at anytime. Your private Clothier & Stylist will go over the fine details with you.