StylBiella Italian Series Suiting

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Home Collections StylBiella Suit Fabric Collection
Home Collections StylBiella Suit Fabric Collection
Innovation beyond tradition: this is the key guidepost throughout Stybiella's journey. 
The history began in Biella with Piero Perino. Fascinated by high quality fabrics, he started out as a cloth merchant, selling the fin wool of Biella to some of the greatest tailors in Italy and subsequently worked as a designer in some of Biella's leading mills. 
In 1975, after a brief but extremely interesting experience in Spain, he returned to Italy and established StylBiella. 
StylBiella immediately focused on achieving the highest quality for its customers and using it's specialized know-how on fabrics in the selection of every natural fiber, from the long, soft fibers of wool to those noble and previous cashmere. Soon it became a key fabric supplier to the major Italian and international brands as Armani, Versace and Hugo Boss. 
Over the years in addition to the wool fabrics for suits, and to offer key tailor shops a range of product selections StylBiella has expanded into categories of coat fabrics, shirt fabrics and ties, all 100% made in Italy, in order to give its customer one-stop product offering and best shopping experience. StylBiella is still one of a few brands in the world to deliver this unique type of shopping experience to it's customers. 
Today, StylBiella begins a new journey, building on it's existing expertise and DNA, by positioning itself exclusively in the Su Misura space with a contemporary approach. Our look books help facilitate customers and end consumers to better understand sophistication of  fashion and interpretation of our products. 
The quintessentially Italian story of StylBiella continues and thrives.