Custom-Made Sample Try On Garments

Our exclusive One & Done program mitigates your risks by giving you all the reward and peace of mind that your treasured clothing is going to fit perfect without the need for any alterations or tailoring.

From your online body scan we essentially do a "trial run" for you.

Delivered to you free of charge (with purchase) within a couple of weeks.

Our virtual fitting and final consult allows us to dial in your measurement profile and update your patterns

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Custom Suits Online - Tryon Garment

Why the sample try on garments?

With more than 10 years of experience we know that additional tailoring and alterations and often required.

We started to notice a worrisome trend in the custom tailored clothing industry, all of the amazing talented tailors were going extinct and not being replaced. I mean who is becoming educated or trained to be a tailor nowadays?

Over the last 18-24 months we started to make sample runs for our new clients, needless to say the result was phenomenal. Our clients were ecstatic that we wouldn't run the risk of having to do any alterations to their treasured clothing.

This is the only long term solution to the ever evolving digital world we live in.

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