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DVC is looking for up to 5 highly motivated, self starters to join our Private Stylist & Clothier Partner Team

Private Stylist & Clothier Partner Compensation Program

Your ability to generate income and create wealth as a Private Stylist & Clothier Partner is LIMITLESS. Our formula offers multiple revenue stream opportunities and exciting ways to build your own business, achieve your goals and freedom to work on your schedule.

Immediate Revenue Share

Earn up to 25%, right off the top, immediately. *Higher than industry average.

Team Profit Sharing

Bonuses and overrides based on your team's performance.

Long Term Stocks & Shares

Earn company shares and stocks based on personal, team and company performance.

What We Do At DVC

We all know, most men do not enjoy shopping!
We solve that problem with the most simple, easy and convenient shopping experience for quality made custom M2M clothing known to man.

DVC Provides In-Office or In-Home Fittings, Consults

We keep it simple, easy and convenient. For that reason our clients come back time and time again.

Dressy Casual to Business Professional & Everything in Between

From suits to dress shirts and now custom jeans, chinos, footwear, outerwear and more we are catering to every dressing style and helping our clients build the most versatile wardrobes.

Build Versatile Wardrobes At Home & Confidence Everywhere Else

When clothing fits, and is of great quality, it feels good, exudes confidence, elevates your mood and improves your performance in every possible way.

Pioneering Technology Into The Clothing Industry

From our AR 3D Design Studio application to AI & machine learning body measurement tools, we are innovating new technologies into the clothing world.

Why Grow With The DVC Team?

Freedom & Flexibility

Manage your schedule according to your life and grow a business that is built based on your time and effort you invest.

Independent Status

We all know there are risks with being "self employed" but the fact is there are substantial rewards for risks taken.

Omni-Channel Marketing Tools & CRM Systems

Interactive lead generation tools, ongoing promotions, social, online and automated inbound marketing campaigns.

Team Training, Rewards & Recognition

Ongoing advanced in-class sales training, individual goal setting with a fun gamification and rewards program to help you achieve your goals.
Anytime access to online training resources through our internal LMS training platform.

Growth & Travel Opportunities

We have an aggressive, yet achievable growth plan to service 5-8 markets within the next couple of years and 25 global markets by 2025. Grow and travel with us or stay put in Vancouver, up to you!

Personal Support Systems

No one can do it alone, we know that first hand. With an extensive network of trusted advisors (many of whom who are also our clients) we provide access to professionals who can help you reach your goals in a wide variety of professions, industries and specific skill sets that are required to succeed

Average Private Stylist & Clothier Partner Opportunity

*After your initial training and onboarding. Typically 3 - 6 months dependent on your availability and work ethic

  • Average order value of $1500 with established clients and an estimated 20 new orders per month
  • Minimum 15% revenue share that can scale up to 25%
  • Consults & fittings usually require anywhere between 30-90 minutes

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