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Our acute attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and quality promise delivers a substantially better product than you can find elsewhere.


Pioneering innovative technology into menswear to provide the best and most convenient shopping experiences.

Look, feel and touch your personally curated fabric swatches live and in person with your Style Kit & Design Guide.

Getting measured is easy, a quick body scan from your smartphone gives us your entire measurement profile in less than a couple minutes.

Customize your order in our 3D design studio.

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Custom made based your measurement profile our exclusive sample try-on garments provide the peace of mind and security of achieving the perfect fit.

Never experience the headache and hassle of having to find a tailor for alterations or adjustments.

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DVC provides the easiest and most convenient at-home shopping experiences for quality made custom clothing.

We do many things well but what we do best is help our clients build and create wardrobes that align with their lifestyle, tastes and stay relevant in their environment.

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DVC Startup Story

In the 2000’s, Shawn Judge worked for a large national corporation managing territories and sales teams across the province of BC. He always enjoyed dressing well and knew that it was integral to maintain his professionalism and helped him feel productive, even when working from home.

On a trip overseas in Thailand on the island of Phuket he stumbled into a tailor shop offering suits and shirts at more than reasonable prices. They provided in-hotel room services and he was blown away by the fact he didn’t have to “go shopping”. After a few days and a couple fittings, the fit was like nothing he had experienced before, being shorter than average and a stocky build, clothing never really fit quite right, but this was perfect. After returning home the compliments were pouring in and he had never felt more comfortable in professional clothing.

Determined that more men needed to experience what he felt, he decided to bring this service to Vancouver at more affordable prices. He began the process of planning the business strategy, ran a mini crowd funded campaign and jumped on a plane back to Thailand and established a partnership with one of Bangkok’s most reputable tailoring companies. DVC - Fine Custom Clothing was born!

There were many painful, but rewarding experiences in the beginning that helped DVC evolve through their commitment to constantly improve. After working with several tailors over the span of a couple years he realized that you do in fact get what you pay for. Furthermore, the learning of the impacts of fast fashion or  “cheap clothing” has on the planet deterred him from providing sub par, less than ideal quality clothing to the market. With over 10 million metric tons of clothing ending up in landfills in NA alone he recognized that change in this space needs to happen.

By the mid-to-late 2010’s DVC decided to switch their focus to only deliver superior quality clothing and established a partnership with the global leader in the made to measure clothing space. This was proven to be the right decision and was awarded a Consumer Choice Award and recognized within the Top 5 places to get a custom clothing in Vancouver. 

DVC clients appreciate the finer details, prefer quality over quantity, expect things to last and don’t have a problem paying a little more for products that can deliver more value and cost per wear. 

He sees where the industry is headed and with advancements in technology such as AI, 3D and machine learning he has been working behind the scenes for years to provide these services for his clients.  

Where it is today! With a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied clients they are leading the way in pioneering innovative technology into the fashion and clothing industry.

With industry leading tech to capture measurement profiles without physical contact and custom made try on garments that help secure the best fit for any body type they are leading the way in providing quality made clothing virtually, efficiently and conveniently.

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