Personalized Style Kit & Fit Guide

The personalized style kit is both our starting and finishing point.

Begin by picking some your favourite fabrics and we will include full size swatches for you to look, feel, touch and even smell if you like.

We provide suggestions and pairing reco's for you that are 100% tailored to your picks.

Our design guides walk you through all the options and we will provide you with our suggestions during our final fitting and consult.

* included with purchase

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Dress for the body you have, not the body you want

Everything, i mean everything in how you dress is centred around your body type.

Sexy sells and we know that you're sexy in your own way but don't be fooled by those fake ass models you see everywhere.

With your 3D body profile we will help you compliment what you already have

Get Started - Pick Fabrics

What else is in the Style Kit & Design Guide

To be written

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