November 22, 2020

3 Productive Reasons to Dress Up When Working from Home

Working from home is buzzing in the industry now that the pandemic has shifted the workforce in different parts of the world. While the idea of skipping the morning grind and starting work in your pajamas seem thrilling, dressing down for work can have serious consequences on your productivity.

While you don’t need to wear boxy business suits and pencil skirts, rolling out of bed and taking the time to elevate your style can help provide a visual distinction that can get the ball rolling when you go on duty. Even when you don’t have reasons to dress to impress, dressing up for success can set boundaries that keep you on top of your goals. 

If you’re looking for reasons to update your closet with work-from-home outfits, the list below should run the gamut and inspire you to seize the day in style. 

1. Keep Up a Professional Image 

Remote work doesn’t mean you have to embrace a life of isolation. Companies strive to maintain strong communication between team members, which means part of the “new normal” sees plenty of Zoom meetings to ensure everyone is in the loop.

No one will judge you if you start a call in your PJs, but dressing the part sends a stronger message that can give your managers peace of mind knowing that you look ready to tackle your tasks. 

2. Boost the Mood to be Productive

Looks can influence your actions, so polishing your work-from-home get-up is a powerful mood-booster that can set a positive tone for the day. 

It prompts the brain to shake off the need to lounge in bed and inspires productivity, allowing you to look good and feel ready to meet deadlines. 

Something as simple as one of our Bamboo Stretch Cotton Shirts paired with Cotton Chinos can put you in a go-getter mental state, facilitating a higher level of commitment and focus. If your home office is a little chilly, you can even layer with a Merino Wool Sweater. Wear a blazer if you want to, but if you prefer a little bit more comfort while still dressing like a professional, our Everyday Casual selections will be just the thing for you.

3. Promotes Work-Life Balance 

It’s easy to think that working from home brings you closer to achieving the ever-elusive goal of balancing work and life, but it’s trickier to draw the lines when you’re crunching numbers in your bedroom.

Finding a dedicated space and donning in casual business attire can set boundaries, allowing you to feel the necessary distinction between work and play. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring Comfortable and Chic Work-from-Home Outfits to Spark your Motivation 

It’s tempting to wake up and get to work in your pajamas, but there’s good reason to dress for success in the morning. Donning on a relaxed, “I-woke-up-like-this” look can impact your mood, so dusting off your business attire even for home-bound employees can do wonders in preparing you for a day of killing it at work. 

By looking the part, you can channel your inner boss and transform your mindset. Instead of feeling like you’re lazing about on your laptop at home, dressing well will increase your productivity, give you more drive, make you feel in control, and keep you comfortably chic even as you socially distance. 

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