January 20, 2021

6 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Men’s bespoke clothing stands leagues apart from the traditional store-bought clothes. Fashion statement pieces like men’s custom suits and other tailored blazers and shirts will require more care put into them to last. These items are investments you make to look good and stand out from the usual ready-to-wear clothing for men, which is why you’ll want to take good care of them. 

Taking care of men’s bespoke clothing isn’t that challenging. It only requires some purchases and proper storage and cleaning methods. It is essential always to exert extra effort when storing suits and other fashion items to ensure that they last longer than usual. Additionally, you’ll have to ensure that you wear them correctly to avoid any damages and premature wear and tear. Here are six tips to make your bespoke clothing pieces last longer:

Have Your Suit Tailored Wisely

Choosing a tailor-made suit that fits your body is one way to stay ahead of the competition. These clothes that fit well are typically made with high-quality materials and sewing techniques to last longer. Men’s custom suits that fit your body ensure no tension exists in specific areas, such as seams and the fabrics, because they perfectly fit. However, you’ll need to maintain your body shape, as any weight changes or muscle building can affect how your bespoke suit will fit. Choose great fabrics and make proper adjustments to the fit, and you’ll have a suit that will practically outlive you. 

Store Bespoke Suits the Correct Way

If you’re not going to use the suit for a long time, you’ll want to put it in proper storage, as it affects how a custom suit survives. Give it a good space in the wardrobe so that it doesn’t get compressed while storing it in a garment bag, and add a few cedar blocks into the closet to prevent moths. If you live in a country with a humid climate, put silica gel to avoid mould growth and excess moisture. As soon as you’re done using it, ensure that it is appropriately hung via a coat hanger and store it immediately, provided that it isn’t dirty yet. 

Travelling with your bespoke suit in your luggage means that you’ll need to invest in a travel suit bag. Once you reach your destination, remove the suit from your luggage and hang it in your hotel. Bring a lint roller to be prepared for any dust or other fabrics that may have stuck to the suit from travel. 

Buy Two or More Pairs of Trousers

Trousers develop wear and tear quicker than jackets, so be sure to have two pairs of bottoms to ensure that you can transition between both. This switching will ensure that the trousers you have don’t break as fast. You’ll also be prepared for any moment that your first pair develops tears and rips, meaning you won’t be left without anything to wear at a moment’s notice. 

Dry Clean Your Custom Suit

Men’s custom suits will require dry-cleaning services every so often. In between dry-cleaning sessions, use a soft brush and work with downward motions to remove the particles that have stuck to the suit throughout the day. A lint roller can also help remove fibres and other dust particles quickly and safely. 

Choose a dry-cleaner with good reviews, as you want your bespoke clothing pieces to last long. It is an arduous process that requires the right tools and care from the cleaner, so be sure that they are well-rated. 

Use a Steamer Whenever Possible

If you are trying to get rid of creases and wrinkles, purchase a handheld steamer to straighten them out while the suit is hung straight. Avoid going overboard with pressing with an iron, as bespoke clothing doesn’t react well to being ironed over too often. 

Have a Healthy Rotation of Custom Suits

People who wear suits very often might want to think of investing in two or more sets of men’s custom suits, as this will prevent premature wear and tear on a single suit. Having more than one suit will give more breathing room and allow each to rest from visiting the dry-cleaners too often. 


Clothing for men that is tailor-made to fit a specific person isn’t like any other store-bought item. Pieces like men’s custom suits are measured well and with quality, meaning that taking care of these bespoke clothing pieces will require extra effort for longevity to be ensured. Consider these six tips when buying a custom-made men’s suit. 

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