40 Things That Happen To You When You Dress Well

I was walking down the street in downtown Vancouver one day when an older couple approached me.

“Sorry we’re not from here. By any chance do you know where the Canada-line is?”

And I did so I pointed them in the direction they needed to go in.

Then I thought to myself. This has been happening quite often lately. This never happened to me before.

The realization came to me. It’s because I started dressing better. The thing is, when you start dressing better, you feel better. Putting on a suit feels the same as putting on a cloak of strength and confidence. You look respectable and as a result, people give you more respect.

As a tourist that’s walking around the city, who would you rather get advice from? Someone that looks clean, confident and put together, or someone that is messy and is wearing clothing that doesn’t properly fit them? The answer is rhetorical.

Looking good and feeling good can help you in many other scenarios. So I consulted many of my fashionable friends and found 40 things that happen to you when you dress well.

  1. People check you out.
  2. Cars are more likely to let you cross the street.
  3. You notice the good and bad style details in everyone you see.
  4. Strangers ask you for directions!
  5. People ask for your style advice.
  6. Your boss lets you slide on that deadline.
  7. You increase your interview success rate.
  8. People inherently trust and respect you more.
  9. People feel more comfortable with you.
  10. People bring you into their inner circle. They want to collaborate with you and be around you because they like the way you make them feel. You project confidence and goodwill.
    ~Kyle Ingham
  11. You get better customer service. (Faster service, baristas remember your name, people treat you more).
  12. You give and receive nods of approval from others who are also well dressed.
  13. Your friends start copying your style.
  14. You hate clothes that don’t fit - which is now half of your wardrobe.
  15. You’re not as easily impressed by other well-dressed people.
  16. People compliment you regularly.
  17. You get noticed more by people who didn’t notice you before.
  18. Suit’s become comfortable.
  19. You start acquiring more accessories. (belts, watches, ties, pocket squares etc.)

  1. You become a happier person.
  1. Some people start to dislike you.
  2. People expect you to act like you how you dress.
  3. People assume you are a boss or work at a high-end job where you have money.
  4. Older people think more highly of you.
  5. People take you more seriously.
  6. You become comfortable with people looking at you.
  7. Your significant other may become more proud of you.
  8. You start to understand the power that comes with appearances.
  9. You start to follow style blogs.
  10. You see the importance of grooming.
  11. You express yourself more through your wardrobe.
  12. You experiment with hairstyles more.
  13. Others value your opinion more.
  14. You look forward to the cold (layers)
  15. You become masterful at ironing.
  16. Your posture starts to change.
  17. You gain more attention to detail. You trust yourself when something doesn’t look right.
  18. You look more mature as a young person and younger as an older person.
  19. You inspire change in those around you. Your friends and colleagues see how confident and put-together you look, and it motivates them to up their game.

  20. You become a better version of yourself. As you gain more confidence in the way you look, you will also learn to believe in yourself more.

There you have it. If you haven’t tried dressing yourself up more often then you might be surprised at how powerful of an impact it could have on your life!

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