How to Look Better With The Right Color Choices

Having the ability to pick and choose the right colors for your outfits can seem like a 6th sense. Choose the right colors and it will enhance all of your handsome features. Choose the wrong colors and you might look a bit silly. Some people are seemingly able to match up the right colors on instinct but if you’re like like most people, choosing the right colors is no easy task. The good news is that everyone can learn to do it.

Just like how some colors of furniture match better with certain colors of your wall, certain colors of your clothing will match better depending on the color of your skin. This guide is designed as a guideline to help you get started with your wardrobe. Use it as a reference and not as a list of restrictions. If we say blue doesn’t contrast greatly with your skin tone and you love blue, by all means you should wear the colors that you want to wear. The colors that make you feel the happiest and the most confident will make you look the best anyways.

Find your Skin Tone

Generally, people tend to fall into 3 different skin tone categories. They are cool, warm, and neutral. I would also like to emphasize that this isn’t a scale of light to dark.

One test you can use to figure out your tone is the vein test. Take a look at your wrist and look at your veins. What color are they? As shown in this diagram below, your veins will tell you what tone you are depending on their color.

Another trick to determine what tone you are is the wristwatch test. This test is more subjective but you can use it to confirm what your skin undertone is. If silver watches look better on your skin, you have cool undertones. If gold watches look better on your skin, you have warm undertones. If they both look good on your skin, then you most likely have neutral undertones.

Color Wheel Guide

Cool Undertone

People who have cooler undertones tend to have rosier skin. It’s best to contrast your your skin with clothing items that are cooler and darker. Go with choices such as, darker grays, navy blues, maroons, and avocado greens.

Warm Undertone

People who have warmer undertones have skin that gets browner and darker when they tan. If you have warm undertones, it's best to choose clothing items that are warmer and lighter. This means salmon, pastel pinks, and sandy yellows.

Neutral Undertone

If it’s difficult for you to decide what tone you are, you’re most likely a neutral tone. Luckily for you, almost any color will look good on you.  People with neutral tones do have dominant tones so depending on which tone is more dominant for you will decide which shade is better for you. For example, If you’re going to choose a blueish color to wear, going with a cobalt blue would be better if you’re cool undertone dominant and going with a pastel blue would be better if you’re warm undertone dominant.

Confidence is Everything

This goes back to what I said in the beginning. No matter colors you choose, if you are happy with yourself and hold yourself high with confidence, your outfit will be overshadowed by your strong character.

That being said, do you have any colors that are your essentials? If so, tell us what they are and why you chose them! We would love to hear about it.

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