December 31, 2020

Finding the Ideal Suit: 3 Things Every Gentleman Should Know

Picking the ideal suit for any occasion can be challenging, especially if you want to dress up in a certain way to impress the people around you. Unfortunately, you may not be blessed with a sense of style and are now anxious about what your attire should be. But don’t worry, we will help you round out your formal attire and talk about other essential details you need to know! 

This article will focus on three practical tips to enable you to be straightforward and smart about your wardrobe choice. Take this as an opportunity to put yourself out there and be among your crowd for any special occasion! 

1. Never over-accessorize 

Some men like to think that all they need is any men’s blazer, some jogging shoes, and many accessories, like shades, necklaces, and rings. It’s a style that is made famous in many reality television shows, but the reality is that no one would dare show up to any event like that. It calls too much unnecessary attention to oneself, which is maybe why it was a popular trend among male reality show actions!

The key to pulling off any suit is simplicity. You can accessorize with a wristwatch and necktie, but that’s it! Don’t add too many things! Just look for colours and shades that go together. Keeping your suit away from accessories allows you to dress professionally—the perfect attire for any important event! 


2. Quality wins over quantity, any-day

Let’s face it—not all clothes last forever, especially poorly made or cheap clothing! Yes, you may be extra careful about your formal attire and get them dry cleaned routinely to preserve their condition. However, the reality is poorly built clothing with repeated use and overexposure to the elements reduces the lifespan and costs you more in the long run.

The best way to ensure longevity and getting more "cost per wear" is to approach your wardrobe selection as an investment. If a wide selection of quality made is not realistic at the moment strive to choose at least two to three versatile suits to start, and then you can build your formal clothing options by mixing and matching tailored shirts and trousers. 

We suggest following an approach of the capsule wardrobe concept, a highly intentional and well thought out solution designed to ensure that 80% or more of your wardrobe "goes together". Do it right and you will get more, for less.

Having versatile selections and keeping them all well-maintained ensures that you can show up to any event with a distinct, fashionable look! 

3. Always check the occasion’s instructions on appropriate attire 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing the appropriate suit for any special occasion is failing to look into the preferred attire instructions. This mistake is common among party guests nowadays because not everyone reads the invitations, as many just expect to dress formally. However, the host of the party may have a special theme set for the night. You can also look very out-of-place when you realize that most of the guests followed the attire guidelines. 

As such, before picking any suit, check first if there are any instructions on proper attire. Then, you can either look into your current wardrobe or buy the appropriate suit for the occasion!


Choosing the best suit for each occasion may be challenging, especially when you are just getting started and expanding your social circle. But don’t worry, practice makes perfect. And now, you have a better understanding of what you should remember when you pick from your suit wardrobe. Remember the formerly mentioned tips, and start planning your formal attire for your next event today! 

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