How a Great Suit Should Fit

Buying a suit is a big deal. It’s something that you’re spending big bucks on so you would think that it’s automatically going to enhance your appearance right? Wrong. When done right, the suit is something that powers the man, but when done wrong, it can have much of an opposite effect.

When a suit doesn’t fit, there are key tell tale signs.

Many people hate wearing suits because they think they are uncomfortable. Many don’t wear suits because they think it makes them look worse than without a suit. The biggest and most important reason why this happens is because the suit doesn’t fit! Unfortunately, most people buy suits off the rack and as a result, they are buying an outfit that wasn’t designed for them. It then has to be altered and tailored multiple times so that it fits just a little bit better.

Get a suit that was made for you.

People are all composed of different shapes, sizes, and postures. This is why custom-made is on the rise. When the suit fits right, it should feel good! It will leave you looking incredibly clean and sharp. Your confidence will be at at an all time high and you will be ready to tackle any challenges ahead of you.

So how do you know if it fits properly? The main guideline is that when a suit fits, it’s supposed to look smooth and wrinkle free. There should be no bunching up and any flaring of the fabrics.

A Visual Guide To Suit Fit

Real Men Style Fit has gotten an extraordinary example of how you can tell whether or not the suit fits.

Courtesy of RMRS

Aside from the info graphic, here are other indications that will show if certain parts of your suit need to be adjusted.

Shoulder Test

When wearing your suit jacket, relax your arms at your sides. Stand with your heels perpendicular to the wall and slowly lean your shoulder into the wall. Observe whether your shoulder touches the wall first, or if your shoulder pad touches the wall first. With a good fit, they will touch at the same time since your shoulder pads should not be sticking out from your shoulders.

Chest Test

Slide your hand underneath the lapel while your top button is fastened (or middle button if you’re wearing a 3 button suit). You should be able to do this and it should be snug. When you make a fist, the jacket should pull at the button. If it doesn’t, there’s too chest space.

Handshake Test

Go to shake someone’s hand. If the suit raises up as you raise your arms, then your armholes are too low. The area around your armpit should snug but not too tight. There should also be enough room for you to wear a dress shirt without it constricting your arms.

Jacket Length Test

Stand tall with your shoulders relaxed. Curl your fingers and bend your wrist inwards towards your body. The jacket is the right length if the bottom of your jacket falls perfectly into your curled fingers.

Final Word

And there you have it. I hope these tips will help you out. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on a suit, you can follow these tips to make sure that you get a suit that is made right just for you. A $300 suit that fits you perfectly will be much more advantageous than a $1000 suit that doesn’t fit quite right. What is your experience like with bad suits? Help someone else avoid these problems by sharing this article.

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