December 18, 2020

Looking Your Best: Why You Should Choose Tailor-Made Menswear

A tailor-made suit is worlds apart than their off-the-rack counterparts. Its value as the timeless representation of a man's progression in the corporate world is a strong and reliable image. Besides its functionality in representing corporate entities, the bespoke suit is also a mark of how you see yourself as an established individual.

When you are not attending a meeting, however, you may not want to be wearing a suit and tie. But how do you make sure you’re still well-dressed and ready to impress even when you’re running errands around town? It’s simple: choose tailor-made menswear. 

In recent years, the popularity of tailor-made clothing has grown, with many people seeing it as an opportunity to elevate the personalization of menswear to a higher level. Here’s why you should choose bespoke clothing:

Why You Need Tailor-Made Clothing: The Importance of Being You

Women’s clothing is incredibly expansive in design and style, making it easy to find an outfit suitable for any occasion. Men, aside from generally not spending as much time buying clothing, don't have nearly as many selections. 

Whether you’re in search of a suit, button-down shirts, or casualwear, bespoke is best. The subtle adjustments in style and fit have plenty of bearing on how you present yourself. The limitation of ready-made clothing is just too restricting to truly allow you to dress the best you can.

If you don't believe that tailor-made menswear can transform your entire wardrobe, here are three reasons to think again:

1. Tailor-made clothing gives you an ideal fit for your unique physique

The problem with off-the-rack clothing is that you'll almost always need alterations to provide you with a specific fit. The cheaper the brand is, the more it caters to general proportions and sizes. Unlike t-shirts and sweatpants, clothing like suits, shirts, and blazers need a more precise fit to match your body. 

Tailor-made menswear ensures your wardrobe gives you that unique and organic look without seams that appear different from the manufacturer's stitching style. It's a feature that makes your clothing match your physique perfectly.

2. Tailor-made clothing prevents you from wasting precious time shopping

Retail clothing is made for the masses, following sizing guidelines that are very unlikely to be a perfect fit for you. Everybody has a unique physique that makes them different from one another. How can we expect to wear standard sizes and look the same way?

What was your last shopping experience like? For many people, shopping is a painful ordeal. You walk into the mall, look for a store with clothing that suits your style, and hunt for a size that looks like it might fit you. You head to the dressing room, only to slip on the shirt and realize that it’s tight in all the wrong places. Size up, and you’ve got the opposite problem! 

With tailor-made menswear, the worst things about shopping will be things of the past. You’ll be given the flexibility of finding the measurements and style options perfect for you. Everything from the trim of fabric, the set number of buttons, and the length of your cuffs is under your control, ensuring the final garment is something that you’ll feel perfectly comfortable in!

3. Tailor-made clothing is better for long-term use

Ready-made clothing is generally made with automated machines in a fixed assembly line for mass production. In contrast, tailor-made menswear is created with the guiding hand and care of a human person. This attention to detail ensures that your custom-made clothing isn't a replicable product that you'll see in a store. Additionally, you’ll be able to select high-quality fabrics that will look and feel good to wear, not to mention durable and able to serve you for a much longer time.


Making a lasting first impression is crucial practically anywhere you go. Whether you're attending a wedding, a business meeting, or a Sunday brunch, dressing your best is a way to put your best foot forward while showcasing your individual style. A high-quality, tailor-made wardrobe is the best investment you'll make for yourself for years to come!

If you are in search of bespoke clothing to outfit your closet, DVC Fine Custom Clothing is ready to serve. We provide an exclusive and highly personalized experience for our customers, taking your measurements straight from your home to craft custom suits, shirts, blazers, and more with innovative AI technology. Put the shopping experience of yesteryear behind and get the custom experience with us today!

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