December 24, 2020

The Man's Guide to Overcoats - 3 Common Questions Answered

Overcoats are truly a classic, bespoke clothing piece for men because of their versatility and aesthetic value. Many individuals like to dawn their overcoats as an extra refined layering piece to finish their modern corporate attire ready to brave the cold weather. Others like to wear them during casual-yet-special dates, like winter nights out with their friends. 

You can learn to master the art of wearing an overcoat as long as you answer the right questions and keep reading! This article is your guide to proper overcoat fashion. We will discuss three common questions to help you get started. Take this as an opportunity to become familiar with winter style and more comfortable with dressing yourself for any situation! 

1. What is an overcoat? 

Overcoats are lengthy winter coverings layered over other attire, like a turtle neck long sleeve shirt, to accentuate the overall ensemble and add protection against the cold. Many individuals mistake overcoats for topcoats, which are generally more lightweight and less preferred during the winter months because they don’t cover past the knee, making it hard to walk due to hypothermia. 

As such, it’s important to note the overcoat’s material and wearability during the colder months. That way, you can make well-informed purchasing decisions for your wardrobe and ensure that you have options to finish off your look. You should also get to know the different types of coats for your convenient protection against different weather conditions to dress appropriately for the occasion. 

2. How should I fit into my overcoat? 

Most overcoat owners are confident with their choice because they believe they can stand out from the crowd since they look more refined. However, most of them make significant mistakes with their fitting, primarily with their overcoat’s length, cohesive style, and functionality. For instance, several men dawn the incorrect overcoat during mildly frigid weather. Additionally, they also miscalculated the length, exposing their legs. 

Remember, the point of the overcoat is to ensure you are protected against cold weather. Therefore, you should pick one that can cover your whole body yet allow you to walk comfortably through the snow. For instance, the sleeves should shield both your shirt’s cuffs and suit.

Styling the right fit for an overcoat may be tricky, but you should not be afraid to experiment with different shirts and pants. You can also go for the tried-and-true fashion combination of an overcoat with a notched lapel, which can make you look more sophisticated among your peers. 

3. Where can I buy the best overcoat? 

There are a variety of clothing options available for overcoats. However, you have to remember that not all of them are created equal. That’s why you should ensure that your chosen seller can provide you with the best luxury pieces and different complementary pieces to round out your full look. Consider convenience and accessibility, which are two crucial factors that ensure you can find the best overcoat and other clothing items! 

If you need additional assistance, with our fashion experts! 


Your choice of overcoat options is one of the most important decisions to make to have the best wardrobe choices. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to do—find the best bespoke clothing provider to ensure you can make cost-effective fashion purchases. Remember all the previously mentioned information, and start building your clothing options! 

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