January 7, 2021

Why Your Suit Should Have High Armholes

In the 60s, the world of men’s fashion began to thrive. From slim-fit trousers and button-down shirts, businessmen looked classier than ever before. Yet, suit-makers committed one grave, unforgivable mistake—as men strayed from the once-popular 3-piece suit, tailors began lazily implementing armholes. 

Since then, many suits fell victim to the wrath of low armholes—a larger fit that moves down the body of the jacket. Suits with low armholes appear poorly-manufactured and make the body appear wider, with the shoulders raised too high. If you’ve been wondering why men aren’t opting for suits with higher armholes, here are a few reasons why.

1. People are Lazy

Nothing new here—people are lazy! When it comes to comfort, men don’t enjoy the hassle of how difficult it seems to put on a coat with high armholes. Yet, it creates a snug feeling under the arms and in the shoulder. 

Those who have been wearing jackets with lower armholes are likely used to excess space and bagginess. Instead of looking stellar in a bespoke jacket and tailored shirt, many would rather compromise their appearance for the slightly more manageable task of putting on a loose coat. 

Plus, if you aren’t used to the snug feeling that comes with wearing a well-fitted suit, it may appear too small—even though it isn’t. 

2. Low Armholes “Fit” Everyone

In that same principle, loose clothing fits everyone too! Off-the-rack retailers are a big fan of low armholes, as they can place more individuals in the same jacket instead of taking the time to tailor-fit a suit. 

Thus, jackets with low armholes are ideal for mass marketing. If it fits—however loosely or snugly—it sells! The ability to “fit” all types of body shapes and sizes is what sets the current industry standard for poorly-made jackets. 

Lift your arms, and it’ll lift your entire jacket as well—and it doesn’t look flattering at all! No matter how comfortable low armholes might be, they’ll cause your jacket to lose shape no matter what type of movement you make. 

Despite their seeming versatility, these suits are wasteful, as they take up extra fabric they don’t need. 

3. You Can Get Your Suit Altered Later On

While this is true, altering your cheap suit later on might cost you more than purchasing a high-quality jacket in the first place. Plus, if your coat isn’t at its appropriate length, there’ll be no way to add extra fabric, and you’ll end up having to spend a fortune on a replacement suit. 

Buy a Suit with High Armholes

If you haven’t already noticed, we are big believers in a tailored suit with high armholes. Because its sleeves very closely follow the shape of your shoulders, you’ll never have to compromise the look of your outfit. 

As you move around, your jacket won’t be pulling any fabric, and you’ll look slicker than ever. While a suit with high armholes may take some getting used to, it’ll be worth the stunning photos you can look back on after a memorable formal event. 

Get your bespoke clothing from DVC Fine Custom Clothing, where we help you get measured online using state-of-the-art technology. With us, you’ll never have to wear a loose-fitting suit again!

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