Essential All Season Grey Suit

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Essential All Season Grey Suit

$ 895.00 CAD

The simple yet elegant and conservative man knows that a plain grey suit is a solid choice. Your second runner up shows you don't just have one suit in your closet and know the importance of timeless classics and not a "Single suit man" You can't show up to consecutive meetings, interviews or second dates rocking the same shit as the day before. Do yourself and to others the respect deserved. Furthermore, mix and match with your go-to-blue on those longer trips and off-sights. All fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure you are breading confidence in every step you make

Jacket Build Quality
  • Floating Half-Canvas creates incredible drape
  • Soft Shoulder for improved sleeve pitch
  • Slanted inner facing pocket design
  • 6 inside pockets
  • 5 Functional Sleeve Buttons
  • Bull Horn Buttons
  • Breathable Bemberg Lining
Pant Build Quality
  • Super soft-flex waistband
  • Rubber Snug-tex gripper
  • V-shape flex vent waistband
  • Stay-flat pockets
  • Button fly (zipper available)
  • Heal guards

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